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    Game of Thrones, Sex, Hibiscus

    , 05-10-2012 at 03:02 PM (2581 Views)
    Before you read, be aware that this dream revolves around a sex scene.
    Usually I simply write "I had sex", but due to its important role, I actually described it quite intensely this time.
    I left out most of the really explicit or dirty details, but still, if this is something that
    you find inappropriate or offensive, please do not read.

    I'm walking towards a building with 4 armored guards surrounding me.
    I'm full of confidence, walking strong and fast towards the door.
    There's anger within me, I am here to set things straight.

    As one of my guards opens the door for me, I remember that I am in King's Landing, and that I am entering one of Petyr Baelish's brothels.

    The term "Game of Thrones" enters my mind, but I discard it, thinking it is the name of this world or something.
    We take the stairs to the first floor, and are greeted by some prostitutes.
    They are absolutely gorgeous!
    Most of them are wearing slightly see-through dresses that reveal the shape of their bodies underneath, but leave everything else to the imagination.
    It is difficult not to stare, but I know that I am in a position where it would be inappropriate to do so.

    "I'm here for Littlefinger"

    I proclaim, full of confidence.
    But I quickly realize that this is all I know.
    I am here because some sort of problem and I need to set things with him straight.
    Why can I not remember something of such importance?

    One of the women makes me a sign to follow her, and leads us through a corridor, presumably leading to Baelish's office.
    I decide that once we reach it, I'll most likely remember, and decide not to worry about it.
    Well that, and I'm also distracted by the woman in front of me.
    She's walking very suggestively, clearly trying to draw attention to her butt which is visible through her dress.
    She glances at me by looking over her shoulder, probably wondering if I'm checking her out.

    I try to look as serious as possible. Pokerface.
    She seems disappointed that I'm not staring and keeps walking.

    To the left and right are doors leading into rooms where people are presumably heaving sex.
    Well, not presumably, as I get closer I can clearly hear the voices coming from these rooms.
    They are intense. Both men and women are screaming shouts of pleasure.
    In front of the rooms other women are waiting, often kissing or fingering each other as they wait for customers.

    The sexual tension is extreme, and the more I try to ignore it, the stronger it becomes.
    I can clearly feel the sexual energy streaming from the rooms.
    Some have not even bothered to close the doors to their rooms. I try not to look, but cannot avoid it most of the time.

    It makes me feel quite uncomfortable.
    It's not the sex, nor is it the women. The whole situation actually turns my on to a great extend.
    But the sexual energy from the other men... I don't want to feel it, but it is shoved right in my face.

    To top it off, I spot what appears to be a gnome walking into one of the rooms with a lady.
    He's tiny!
    He notices me and gives me that "I'm going to have sex with this woman" look.
    The fuck?

    "Here we are."

    Well shit, I still don't remember why I'm here.
    My guards wait outside as I enter the room.
    Littlefinger is sitting behind his desk, and not very far away I spot Daenerys Targaryen with one of her dragons on her shoulder.

    The dragon is bigger than in the tv-series.
    (Yes, I actually think off the tv-series, but it doesn't strike me as odd that I'm with tv characters or that this scene makes absolutely no sense in the current GoT plot)

    Baelish is clearly not happy to see me, and he asks me with an annoyed tone:

    "What is it?"

    If only I knew.
    I decide the best course of action would be to just act all smug and superior and not say anything.
    He doesn't really seem to expect an answer, so I just stare at him.
    I'm somewhat superior to him right? ... Or... who am I?
    Finally he stands up.

    "This is outrageous!"

    Daenerys steps in.

    "Yes it is! Who do you think you are to refuse service to my dragon???"

    Aha, so that's what's going on.
    Wait what?

    "This is an establishment that caters to men and women, and not to your bloody pets!"
    "I am the mother of dragons and I demand that you show me respect!"

    Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into here.
    I feel that I should side with Daenerys though, after all I am a dragon as well.
    And this request isn't really that unreasonable is it?

    I smack my hand on the table and stare into Baelish's eyes and I say in a serious, powerful and slightly angry voice:

    "Your whores do seem to cater to gnomes though."
    "Are you perhaps suggesting that a dragon is an inferior life form compared to a fucking gnome?"

    He is so scared. I can see it in his eyes. He is so scared that he cannot retain composure.
    I still don't remember who I am, but I conclude that I'm some kind of amazing badass.

    "I... I didn't mean it like that."

    One of the prostitutes storms into the room towards Daenerys and offers to take care of her dragon.
    She nods and the dragon climbs onto the shoulder of the prostitute and they go into a room.

    "To think that I had to come here for this."
    "My apologies..."

    What am I doing?

    "Sir, perhaps you would be interested in some of my women... on the house of course!"

    Two prostitutes enter the room and take their tops off.
    Boobies! They look so soft.
    Wait... this is not something my character would do is it?
    It is hard to resist the offer though.

    "I have more urgent matters to attend to then to fuck your whores."
    "Of course... again... my apologies, if you need anything please let me know."

    I turn around and leave the room.
    Fuck, I'm so horny right now.
    Walking through the corridor filled with sexual energy isn't helping.
    I'll just get out of here and get back to...
    What was I doing? Who am I?
    I stop.

    You have got to be fucking kidding me.
    I look around me. Half naked ladies everywhere.
    It feels so real.
    The smell of lavender in the air is doing a decent job of covering the smell of sex.

    Uuh, this is weird, did I just make a prostitute have sex with a dragon?
    How does that even work?
    The idea of going into that room to see how they're doing it pops up in my head but I discard it quickly.
    I start walking towards the exit again.
    I try to calm down and mentally stabilize the dream, but I quickly notice that it is perfectly stable.
    Should I just have some fun with one of the girls? They're all very pretty.

    But then everything stops.
    I can't feel any of the DC's anymore, except for one.
    An extremely strong and vibrant aura is emerging from one of the rooms.
    It is very familiar... who is this again?
    I walk straight towards the room not thinking about anything else anymore.
    I am drawn towards it by a higher power.

    I open the door and find a very cute, attractive and beautiful woman, wearing a rather revealing dress.
    The look she gives me is the exact opposite from cute though. It is so horny and dirty.
    Is this... is this the hibiscus girl?
    I search for a hibiscus flower. She's always wearing one, or it is painted somewhere on her clothes, hence why I call her "the hibiscus girl".
    I can't see it, but my sense of global awareness tells me it is there, strapped into the back of her hair.
    I glance into her eyes, and sure enough, they are those amazing eyes with infinite detail.
    She has long brown hair, which is beautifully weaved together in a rather extravagant fashion.
    I also notice some kind of long skin-tight silver bracelet on her left arm, which seems to have been sculpted to look like a dragon.

    I close the door behind me and walk towards her full of confidence.
    All of my encounters with her have been very sexual and I know this one isn't going to be any different.
    Dream Journal Entries tagged with 'Hibiscus'

    The sexual tension between us is extreme.
    I can see in her eyes that she is feeling the same way I am. She can't seem to stand still of excitement.
    Once I'm close enough she immediately hugs me and moves in for a kiss.
    But I stop her just before our lips touch.
    I'm teasing her, and I see a small opportunity.

    "Who are you?"

    She's breathing heavily. She can't stand it that I'm teasing her.
    The sexual tension between us is so strong that it begins to manifest itself physically.
    Arcs of lightning are shooting between our bodies where our skin is close.

    "I won't say."

    Her voice is shivering.
    She tries to pull me closer so that we will finally kiss, but I keep resisting.

    "Tell me!"

    She clearly considers it, but decides against it.
    Following a dirty smile she rips off my shirt.
    She moves in again.
    I'm not stopping her this time.
    We kiss.

    As our lips touch I get the most intense feeling all over my body.
    It feels a bit like goosebumps, but it is so much more intense.
    Colors quickly become ridiculously vibrant.
    I can clearly hear both of our hearts racing.

    She moves back a little and tries to pull me onto the bed.
    There is no need to say anything, her eyes clearly scream "I want to have sex"
    She moans as I rip off her dress and push her onto the bed.
    She spreads her legs and holds out her arms towards me.

    I quickly get rid of my clothes and jump onto the bed.
    A few memories rush into my head.
    Memories where she suggested that she is a dreamer and that she reads my DV DJ.
    Is she real?
    The train of thought vanishes as we commence.

    She pulls on me to make me move faster.
    Quickly things become pretty rough and she starts using excessive force to turn me around and get on top.
    She keeps going faster and getting more violent. She is a lot stronger than I would have anticipated.
    I need to use some of my dragonic power to gain the strength to get back on top.

    This is so intense. Seeing the expression on her face.
    She just can't get enough. And she is very vocal about it.
    Magic abilities start "leaking" out of her.
    She pushes me around so hard that her ethereal wings light up, which I see for the first time.
    I love it, and I push back. We keep throwing each other around.
    My senses go into complete overload, just like they did last time.

    Some of the prostitutes are hiding behind some curtain, trying to sneak a few looks.
    They have never seen something like this before.
    She's an animal. She even bites me in the shoulder to get a better grip.
    But so am I. We're both animals succumbing to our most basic urges.

    We keep going until our muscles can support our bodies no more.
    I let us fall backwards onto the bed, but as I hit the ground I feel that I've landed on grass, not on a bed.
    For the first time in many minutes I bother to take a look around and notice that we're outside in a huge field.
    She hugs me.
    I can feel her exhaustion and her heavy breathing.
    I try one last time.

    "Who are you?"

    But she just smiles. She's so happy, it's complete bliss.
    Then she fades away.
    Well, that's unfortunate.

    I get up and look at the landscape.
    All my muscles hurt, but I cannot help but feel profound satisfaction.

    Then I realize that 2 women are standing behind me.
    I turn around, realizing too late that I'm completely naked and that a specific body part is still fully erect.
    They don't say anything, they just stare and their faces turn somewhat red.
    I walk past them, finding the situation humorous.

    "Good afternoon my ladies."

    A crow far away starts yelling "peeeenis... peeeenis"
    It is barely audible, but a good reminder of the randomness of my dreams.

    I wake up and surprisingly I go from complete exhaustion to well rested.
    I try to remember my previous dream which makes me scratch my head.
    I take a page of notes to help me remember in the morning.
    For some reason I write

    "I am a dirty man"

    at the very end.
    Why did I do that?
    I change it to

    "I am a dirty an awesome man"

    and smile like an idiot.
    Then I go back to sleep.

    Yuya sends me a signal that she's with Liv visiting some place and that I should come.
    I teleport to their location and find myself on a rather odd planet.
    It has a green sky, and the entire landscape is covered with what appears to be glass biodomes linked with each other by bridges.

    I try to say hi but Liv takes a step back. She seems to be in full shyness mode which I haven't seen in a while.
    Yuya on the other hand seems highly amused.

    "What's going on?"

    She whispers in my ear, with an evil grin on her face that tells me whatever she's going to tell me will make me feel really weird:

    "You smell like sex."


    She bursts out laughing. Fortunately I don't feel too weird about it.

    "Speaking of which, do you have any idea who this girl is?"

    She closes her eyes and scans my memory to get a better grasp on whom I'm talking about.
    Unfortunately, she immediately skips to the sex scene, which I did not expect at all.

    "Oh my!"

    She gives me this "well done sir" look, that only guys are supposed to give each other.

    "That was... impressive."

    What makes it worse is that she means it.
    And I can feel that she's a little turned on by it.
    I feel rather ashamed now.

    "Oh calm down, how often have I told you that we don't have those weird notions about sex you have in the waking world."

    Yes, she has. And I know it isn't weird for her, but I still didn't want her to see that.

    "I'm sorry."
    "It's not your fault."
    "And no, I don't know who she is, but she seems to be a rather curious individual."

    I try to change the topic.

    "So, where are we?"

    She explains to me how and why the biodomes were built.
    The one next to us apparently holds a collection of the most amazing candy that has ever existed.
    This explains why the room is full of guards. You can clearly see it from where we're standing.
    The candy is also in the open, laid out on different tables.

    "Huh? Do they only have old-fashioned guards? No futuristic or magic security systems?"
    "No, just guards. I mean, how would you sneak in there?"

    Exactly! How would I?
    I can't blink there because there's a physical obstruction in the way.

    I summon my phoenix wings, trying not to alarm Yuya.
    She doesn't notice.
    This is gonna be fun.
    I look over at the biome and immediately see that I have a short window right now where nobody is looking.


    Yuya looks at me curiously.

    "Did you just do something?"

    She must have felt my aura change for a split second.


    I reveal one of the candies I've just stolen in my mouth.

    "!!! No you haven't!"

    I grin.

    "Are you mad? Oh who am I kidding, of course you are."
    "So let's skip to the important question... did you...?"

    "Of course!"

    I hand her one of the other candies I've stolen.


    I also offer one to Liv but she doesn't want one.
    The fact that I've just committed thievery makes her rather uncomfortable.

    The candy in my mouth starts to become extremely sour. I did not expect that.
    But it tastes so good... yet my tongue feels like it can't handle it.
    Then suddenly, Yuya and I spot a guard walking by.

    We stand up straight and try not to look suspicious.
    Unfortunately, at that specific moment, the candy becomes so sour that none of us are able to keep a straight face.
    The guard looks at us both and presumably witnesses the two worst attempts at a pokerface in history.
    He is visibly confused but decides to keep walking.

    Both Yuya and I have to laugh out loud once he's gone.
    Good times.

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar

      Alright. I've given up. I've decided to comment BECAUSE IT INVOLVED GAME OF THRONES

      Petyr Baelish and his brothels are like a candyland for adults. Your little journey through there sounds pretty much how I'd imagine it would be but SERIOUSLY, dragon sex? Ha. I would have turned around to see the logistics of it but I guess you were distracted, like you said.

      Hibiscus girl.. just, hahaha. Good for you. I don't recall you writing sex scenes like that very often. Just to clarify, I'm not laughing at the event itself. I'm laughing because it's been a small number of dreams and you haven't gotten any further in figuring out who she was than that first time you bumped into her. It's just .... comical. Well that and the idea that she reads your DJs is just hilarious. Good luck!

      "I am a dirty man"

      at the very end.
      Why did I do that?
      I change it to

      "I am a dirty an awesome man"

      and smile like an idiot.
      Then I go back to sleep.
      Heh, nice editing.

      Candy part with Yuya and Liv seems like a sweet way to end the dream.

      Welcome back too... long break.

      EDIT: Hey btw, do you mind explaining how that song is relative to your dreaming? Just curious, I mean, guessing works but being told is generally way cooler.
      GypsyKiss and Hyu like this.
      Updated 05-10-2012 at 08:16 PM by Kaomea
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      I would have turned around to see the logistics of it but I guess you were distracted, like you said.
      I'm really not sure if I want to know what my mind would have come up with. My guess is either something incredibly cute or something horribly messed up.
      Aaand now I kind of want to know. >_>

      Hibiscus girl.. just, hahaha. Good for you. I don't recall you writing sex scenes like that very often. Just to clarify, I'm not laughing at the event itself. I'm laughing because it's been a small number of dreams and you haven't gotten any further in figuring out who she was than that first time you bumped into her. It's just .... comical. Well that and the idea that she reads your DJs is just hilarious. Good luck!
      It's funny that you mention this.
      Until now I've avoided publishing such sex scenes online because I thought it was kind of weird.
      Then I saw you casually mention it in your DJ.
      This made me realize that I'm writing about encounters with sentient beings on another planes of existence. How can it get any more weird than that?
      It's dream sex. Everyone has had it. Might as well write about it.

      You've also kind of started the whole hibiscus girl thing you know.
      I remember a certain VERY mysterious comment on my first DJ entry about her.
      And then for some reason you also knew which kind of flower I was talking about.
      I'm not going to lie, I got a really weird feeling reading that. (but in a good way!)
      Without that I probably wouldn't have tried to meet her again.

      Welcome back too... long break.

      EDIT: Hey btw, do you mind explaining how that song is relative to your dreaming? Just curious, I mean, guessing works but being told is generally way cooler.
      Well... I honestly wouldn't know where to begin.
      It's not specifically related to this dream. Well, maybe a bit.
      It's a song that very strongly reminds me of my own life and the role lucid dreaming plays in it.
      It stirs up quite a lot of emotions. It makes me hate the person I was but love the person I've become.
      I wouldn't know how to explain why though. At least not without writing an autobiography about it.

      Usually I pick these songs by what I listen to when I write down my dreams.
      Sometimes a dream also reminds me of a song, in which case I use that.
      This time it was just a weird feeling though. For some reason I wanted that song to be in this dream.
      It's interesting that you would ask about it.
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    3. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      That answers a number of questions.

      Hyu and GypsyKiss like this.
    4. GypsyKiss's Avatar

      Nice song pick.... Hyu.
      Hyu likes this.
    5. GypsyKiss's Avatar
      oh & p.s...
      thanks for the wonderful addition to my spank bank...
      you can't buy porn like this.
      mmm.... gnomes....
      Hyu likes this.
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      mmm.... gnomes....
    7. Yomi's Avatar
      Hyu! Hyu!
      is this the nod/look Yuya gave you...?