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    Hyu's Adventures

    Haven - Silver & Stealing a crystal

    , 02-25-2012 at 02:32 PM (819 Views)
    (I can't really remember the beginning of the dream and how I got there)

    I'm in Haven with Yuya, Faye, Liv and Silver.
    Silver is in Haven on business, I think he delivered an important package or something along those lines.
    Yuya somehow talked him into taking a drink with us, and he is visibly displeased for accepting this offer.

    Silver is a man who doesn't like to socialize much.
    He is a fighter. He lives from battle to battle with little concern for other things.
    Or so he used to be until he met us. Over the course of years we made him realize that he was fighting for the wrong side, which was obviously quite devastating for him.

    He has changed his lifestyle since then, but it seems like he only lives to atone for his sins.
    He doesn't have the same concept of friendship that we do, he considers us brothers in arms.
    I wonder if that will ever change.

    Faye is playing with a pony she has summoned.

    What is it with all the ponies in my dreams since I've watched the MLP pilot?
    I blame the guys on DV IRC...

    Liv appears to be scared of Silver.
    Yuya, Silver and I are talking whilst drinking some sort of lemonade.
    But things aren't going well, Silver really doesn't want to talk, he just replies with "Yes" and "No" mostly.

    I think about my situation. Sometimes this feels a bit like living a second life.
    I wonder if that is weird? No... it isn't.

    Silver leaves and I agree to help Yuya with something... (though I cannot recall what exactly with)

    ... Yuya and I are on another planet, entering some sort of temple.

    We are here to obtain a certain item related to the device that powers the protective barrier for Haven.
    Some of these devices were stolen a long time ago, but most of them have been returned.
    There's still a few missing though, and this is one of them.

    I can't really recall what the plan is, but I believe we are here to steal it.
    Yuya and I are both disguised with the same attire worn by the monks in this temple, and we mimic their movements in order to not draw any attention to us.

    But before we encounter the first monk, Yuya gives me an angry look.

    "Your hair!"

    She's right. My hair is slightly blue-ish, which would draw a lot of attention.
    I shake my head and my hair color changes into pitch black.
    Yuya nods, confirming that this is much better.

    We enter deeper layers of the temple and no-one seems to notice us, things seem to be going rather well.
    That is, until we encounter a locked door.
    There is a computer terminal in front of it, presumably responsible for opening the door.

    "Open the door, I'll cover you."

    Right. I approach the terminal which asks for a password.
    Well, I'm not sure what I was expecting.

    "I don't know the password."

    Yuya looks at me confused.

    "You're supposed to hack into it?"
    "Huh? How...?"
    "Well... you can hack into things no?"
    "I can?"
    "What about all those movies you've watched, they show you how to hack don't they?"
    "Err Yuya... those movies are fiction, you can't just hack into something, it's a rather complicated and time consuming thing to do."

    Well... that's not good. But then I have an idea.
    I touch the door with my left hand and enlarge my aura to encompass the whole door in order to get a feel for the interior mechanics.
    It's a rather simple system with locking bolts, like in a safe.
    I proceed to create small gravitational fields for each bolt and pull them out of their locks.
    I then casually open the door smiling at Yuya.
    She grins.

    We enter what appears to be a treasure or storage room.
    There are quite a few fancy looking boxes, most likely all containing very exotic and important items.
    Yuya immediately spots the correct box and proceeds to open it.
    This requires removing a considerable amount of locks, which is taking quite some time.
    I decide to cover her until she's done.

    After a short period of time I feel a presence.
    There's someone else in this room, but I cannot see him.
    I reach out with my aura and find 'something' approaching Yuya that is not visible.
    I immediately blink next to it, whilst summoning my katana and take a defensive pose.

    A monk materializes, holding a staff.
    He seems contemplating to attack us.

    "I'd advise against that"
    "We are merely returning what does not belong to you."

    He decides to attack us anyways.
    He leaps forward, swinging his staff at me.
    I blink right behind him and slap him in the neck.
    He drops to the ground unconscious.

    "We should probably hurry up."

    A mob of angry monks is running towards our room.
    I yet again create a gravitational field, and use it to close the safety door.
    I then launch a stream of fire at it, welding the locking bolts in place.
    This ought to slow them down.

    Yuya finally manages to open the box, and takes out a tiny transparent crystal.
    She smiles at me.

    "This is it!"

    Monks are teleporting through the door. How did I not think of that?

    "Open a portal, I'll hold them off!"

    I power up. I feel the dragon tattoo on my back growing and erupting into flames.
    Time slows down.
    The monks are charging at me one after another.
    I slash down their staffs with my katana, and push them away with shockwaves.
    I try not to hurt them too much, after all I do not know if they know the details about the current situation.
    They might just be trying to defend what they think is theirs.


    The portal is up. I blink backwards, next to Yuya, and we both jump through the portal...

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    1. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      What is it with all the ponies in my dreams since I've watched the MLP pilot?
      I blame the guys on DV IRC...
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    2. Marlowe's Avatar
      'Hyu's Adventures' is really an appropriate title for your DJ. It seems like every time you become lucid, you have some amazing adventure. I'm jealous
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