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    Hibiscus at Burning Man

    , 02-16-2012 at 02:34 AM (1001 Views)

    This video was posted the night before this dream on reddit.
    It got me really curious about Burning Man and I read up on it before going to bed.

    I'm driving home.
    I decide to take the country road, which I love.
    It's nearly always empty and is full of corners with very good visibility.
    In other words it's quite safe to drive really fast, and you barely ever go over the speed limit doing so.

    A village is coming up so I attempt to slow down, but something is wrong.
    The brakes are fading... badly!
    I'm going downhill struggling to stop, the brakes aren't biting.
    I enter the village quite a bit too fast but manage to come to a full stop after quite some distance.

    What happened? I haven't had any brake fading since I changed to aftermarket brakes, and I wasn't even pushing them that hard.
    Plus brakes don't just loose all their bite that quickly, they would have gradually started fading.
    I get out of the car to check on the brakes and the pads are quite literally on fire.

    No way... I try to recall if I was racing, but even if I was this couldn't possibly happen.
    I get back in the car still trying to remember my driving, and start driving slowly to cool the brakes down.
    I can't seem to recall my driving at all.

    And then it hits me. I'm dreaming!
    I immediately remember Burning Man and decide to go there.
    I close my eyes, and imagine myself walking on the Playa.
    Why did I close my eyes? I can teleport with my wings, this seems unsafe.

    I open my eyes and find myself already at Burning Man.

    "Huh... that was easy..."

    I notice a woman in front of me, staring at me quite intensely.

    "No, it wasn't. I brought you here."

    I scan her aura to see if it is Faye messing with me, but I quickly realize it is not her.
    It's the "hibiscus girl": Another mysterious woman / Emotional and sensory overload - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
    The last two times she was wearing clothes with a hibiscus drawn on them, but this time she's wearing the actual flower behind one of her ears.

    "Well... hello there."

    She grabs my hand and drags me away.
    She blinks the both of us a considerable distance ahead, and we end up in a location where people have set up all sorts of art pieces.

    "Beautiful, isn't it?"

    I investigate all the pieces carefully.
    They are very different from each other, but every one is beautiful in its own individual way.
    There's everything from over-sized mechanical spiders shooting flames to tiny crystal sculptures.

    She grabs my hand again, and gives me this look that clearly states that she is in control.
    This is the second time she just dragged me into another dream.
    I don't really mind, because I find her very interesting, and her presence is... quite arousing.
    She's extremely attractive and quite sensual.
    I'm drawn towards her.
    But I sill feel the need to be at least partially in control of what is going on.

    "We're going to climb that sculpture"

    She points at a tubular structure.
    I resist the dragging and she looks at me.
    I stare deeply into her eyes and grab strongly onto her arm.

    "No, we're not. We're going dancing."

    I smile, and pull her to a new location through my eyes, the way she has done it to me before.
    I get us into some sort of club they have constructed here.
    There's a center pillar giving support to a huge tent.
    We stand on a small platform attached to it, a few meters above the ground.
    There's neon-lights everywhere, in all kinds of colors, lighting the place up.
    Some follow the rhythm of the music.
    They are playing vocal trance. (A bit like this starting at 2:30)

    The girl is visibly surprised that I just dragged her here.

    "Dance with me!"

    She's unsure for a second but then smiles.


    She leans her back against me and we dance slowly to the very atmospheric music.
    I really enjoy it. She smells very nice... it reminds me of lavender.
    She brushes through my hair with her fingers... I wish I had such good hair in waking life.
    The flashing of the lights turns my vision slightly blurry.
    She turns around and closes here eyes.
    She moves in for a kiss, and it's absolutely magnificent.
    I feel full of energy.

    I can feel how much she is enjoying this.
    But then something startles her.
    She looks at her hands and starts fading away.
    She manages to look at me one last time before she completely disappears.

    I decide that she must have woken up, how unfortunate.
    My vision is blurry as well, I need to get out of here and stabilize.

    I teleport outside where it is dusk now.
    I rub my hands vigorously to stabilize the dream.

    I walk along a path with more sculptures on both sides.
    I meet many people, all very different from each other.
    They're all extremely nice, everyone is smiling and says hi.
    I wonder if Burning Man is anything like this in waking life.

    Some guy explains to me how to build these tubular structures and I end up helping him extend one of his sculptures.
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    1. ekspresis's Avatar
      yeah, you're back ))).
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    2. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      I wonder if Burning Man is anything like this in waking life.
      It is Nice videos and yeah, Burning Man is an amazing event.

      Seems like she's just as adventure driven and curious as you are. At least she appears to live in both your realities. Maybe one day she'll tell you who she is. But that would disrupt the timeline ... so guess not.

      Wow, now that's a bittersweet realization.
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