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    The last stand

    , 01-25-2011 at 03:26 AM (805 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    (false memories / background)
    I'm an assassin, highly skilled with blades and firearms, but I'm not a bad guy.
    For some reason I was on a science project about entering another dimension through a portal some scientists opened.
    100 of us went there, the portal collapsed, we couldn't go back.
    We immediately got split up into 2 groups due to internal disputes, my group and the "bad guys".
    After some time (a year or so) every group has erected their own mansion.
    We know that the other group is still capable of opening portals, we're basically part of a science experiment to see how we'll survive in this dimension or something.
    We're angry, we want to go home, and we stage an attack onto the other mansion, to secure their portal and go home.

    The dream starts during the attack, I'm with some army guys in military gear.
    I myself only have a standard pistol with a few ammo magazines, and some poisoned needles, I don't need anything else.

    I’m following my team up some stairs leading to the mansion. We stop just before reaching the top. There is a single guard, he hasn’t spotted us yet.
    I tap our group leader on the shoulder and make him a sign to stand down, I got this. I have a small belt of needles strapped around my left wrist.
    I remove one needle. They are poisoned with a very strong sedative. I leap out from my cover and throw the needle.
    Before the guard realizes what’s happening it hits him in the neck and he drops to the ground. We’re moving in…

    … We’ve been in the mansion for some time. A lot of fighting has been going on. There are only 4 soldiers left in my team.
    As we move into a new room, suddenly a woman appears on a balcony just above us. I instinctively target her within a split second, but I hesitate to shoot.
    I never hesitate… why did I? The woman had a hand gun pointed at my face just as fast as I did. And suddenly I realized who she was: Ziva (Ziva David from NCIS).
    She and I go way back. We’re both assassins. I had no idea she was in this world, and I assume she didn’t know I was.
    This is a very odd situation; I’m not sure what to do. I’m not going to shoot my friend, and there is no way she’d ever side with villains.
    But I need to keep moving, or else I’ll be in trouble.
    I take a shot, targeting the balcony. I manage to startle her for a split second, which is enough for me to get moving again.
    I’m close to the portal room. An overwhelming enemy force is approaching us, we don't stand a chance and my allies fall quickly.
    I have no choice but to make a run for the portal room alone. After some very fancy acrobatic moves, I manage to slide down a set of stairs whilst shooting enemy soldiers trying to kill me…

    … I’m entering the portal room, at the same time Ziva is entering it from the other side. We meet again.
    The room only has 2 entrances, one at each side. We’re both standing just in front of each other, both having a gun pulled to the other one’s head.
    Both of us ask at the same time: “Why?”
    Me: “What do you mean why? You guys have the only portal to go home, and you cut us off!”
    Ziva: “What portal? There is no portal! You guys came to steal our water reserves!”
    There’s a short period of silence. I have trusted her all my life, she has no reason to lie to me.
    Me: “Our base is next to a fresh water source, why would you think we’d attack for water?”
    The expression on her face changes. She clearly didn’t know. She had been lied to. I slowly move my gun back down. She waits for a few more seconds but finally follows.
    We take a closer look at the room we’re in. All the walls have been filled with formulas, even the ceiling. It’s mostly written in red, it looks like written in blood.
    There are magic / alchemy symbols all over the walls as well. Fancy pentagrams and all sorts of things.
    I look at her. “You’ve never been here, have you? This is the portal room.”
    She looks to the ground, where we’re both standing. There are circular burn marks. We’re standing in the exact spot the portal used to be.
    “FUCK!” Ziva screams in anger.
    We’ve both been fooled, both part of some kind of experiment.

    We hear steps. The army guys are approaching.
    “Now what…?” Ziva asks me. “Your guys are all dead and mine are in on the whole thing. They’ve been coming into this room all the time… Once they figure out that I know…”
    I interrupt her: “We’re on our own.”
    I drop the clip from my gun, knowing it only has 3 bullets left. I replace it with a full clip. 2 Clips to go and one bullet left in the gun, 37 shots.
    We’re cut off, we hear the enemy closing in from both sides. There is no way to take cover in the room, it’s empty.
    We stand back to back, supporting each other, guns drawn at both doors.
    Army guy: “2 armed hostiles in the next room. Proceed with caution, shoot to kill.”
    I can feel Ziva’s back shivering in anger, but right after hearing the call, she stops.
    Although we’re both fueled by anger, we’re professionals, we’re fully concentrated, and although the odds are against us, we still stand a chance.
    Army guy: “Go go go!”
    Time slows down. The first guy appears in the doorway, within a split second my gun is aimed at his head and a shot fired.
    The moment I take the shot my vision blacks out. I still hear the after sound of the gunshot echoing though until finally I hear the bullet casing dropping to the ground.
    It hits the ground once… twice… and the moment it would hit it for the third time, I wake up.

    Realizing I just woke up I turn around to see if Ziva is okay. Staring at my pillow I am very confused for a few seconds.
    Then, after realizing how wrong that thought process was I feel like a bit of an idiot. It puts a smile on my face though. Waking up randomness can be quite amusing.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Interesting. i have also dreamed of being an assassin.