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    The Leviathan

    , 02-01-2011 at 12:59 AM (1745 Views)
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    After writing down my last dream I go to the toilet and then back to bed.
    I'm still super tired but decide to attempt a WILD.
    I fall asleep somewhere along the way.


    Darkness. Where am I?

    "What? Where am I?"

    I'm confused, and talk to this weird voice some more until I notice my eyes are closed.
    I open them.
    My vision is blurry, I can't feel my senses.

    "What are you doing?"

    Suddenly I feel a splash of water, which "wakes me up"
    My senses work now and I can see much more clearly.

    "Thanks... that helped."
    "I hope so, because we're in a bit of trouble."
    "Why's that?"
    "Someone is pissed that we destroyed his crystal I assume."

    I try to focus and check my surroundings, where I am and what just happened.
    I'm in yet another world, there is snow again... I hate snow, it's a good thing I don't feel the cold due to my energy.
    But it looks completely different from where I was in my last dream.

    "Well, shouldn't we bugger off?"
    "Can't open a portal, the area is protected by some sort of spell."

    I want to summon the wings on my arm to teleport us away, but I'm interrupted by a red portal forming in front of us.
    A person wearing a black suit, MIB style is exiting the portal and closing it behind him.

    "Ooh, cute little Yuya."
    "Fuck you!"

    Well... it seems she doesn't like him.
    I probe his aura. It's dark, and very strong. Yuya is on her guard, he must be strong indeed.
    I try to focus even more on my surroundings, if a battle takes place I need maximum clarity.

    "Who's this fellow? You have a boytoy now?"
    "Shut up!"

    He smiles.
    "This is going to hurt!"

    He forms a big fireball over his head and launches it at Yuya quickly.


    My body reacts without control. I instinctively short range teleport right in front of Yuya and aim my right hand at the fireball just before impact.
    I'm completely powered up without knowing how. The fireball hits and I simply absorb most of the energy and it stops, I'm practically holding it in my hand.
    It's hot, but it doesn't hurt me.

    "WHAT THE FUCK????
    Nobody shall stop my balls of fire! I am **** *** *****, demon of ****!!!"
    (I forgot the name)

    "And I am Hyunkell fucking Anassasi, Dragon!"

    i reply as I launch the fireball back at him with some added energy of my own with a strange sensation of power.
    It sets him on fire and it takes him a second to put it out.
    I feel an immense amount of energy coming from Yuya right behind me, what is she doing?
    It feels like she's preparing some sort of spell.

    "Don't you play video games? attacking a dragon with fire? retard!"
    "All real dragons are fucking dead! They've been extinct for years!"

    I plan on launching a fireball of my own at him but I am interrupted by Yuya.

    "Fucking piece of shit, show me what you got!"

    She's angry... she's furious, she really hates him.

    He draws fire between his hands, trying to create an even bigger fireball than before.
    But I've noticed what Yuya has done, and there is no need to intervene.
    He doesn't stand a chance... none whatsoever.

    Yuya just turned a whole fucking lake, which was rather close by, into a huge Leviathan which is going to ram our opponent any second now.
    I looks strangely beautiful.

    He looks up at his fireball, and sees the absolutely massive Leviathan rushing towards him. All hope of life leaves his eyes.
    The Leviathan crushes him, and fills the air with humidity.
    She's completely overdone it, I can tell that she went all out.
    The clarity of the dream greatly decreases as the humidity turns into fog.

    "Thanks Hyu! He caught me off guard."
    "Glad I could help... so... what's the deal with him?"
    "He tried to hurt you in your dreams before."
    "Is he a dreamer?"
    "No. He's a demon... or rather, he used to be..."

    I've never seen Yuya this angry.
    The dream ends.

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    1. Snowboy's Avatar
      I wish I could have seen that!
    2. Wristblade56's Avatar
      Don't you play video games?
      I laughed my tail off when i read that. nice line!
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      wow man
    4. Winamp's Avatar
      Sorry about this, but he first said

      "Who's this fellow? You have a boytoy now?"
      And then later Yuya says:
      "He tried to hurt you in your dreams before."
      That doesn't makes any sense, because if he tried to hurt you before he wouldn't ask that question, or he has very bad memory
      Awesome dream though
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      Lol, I didn't even notice that.
      I have experienced things in my lucid dreams that make way less sense, and they still seemed perfectly alright during the dream though, so this ain't anything out of the ordinary.

      Maybe it was a long time ago and he forgot?
    6. Winamp's Avatar
      Yeah, and maybe he didn't recognized you because you grew up
    7. CyperAleksi's Avatar
      Cool, cool.
    8. bust113's Avatar
      That's awesome. "Nobody stops my balls of fire", hahaha, I don't get it. But seriously now, balls.
    9. Brock's Avatar
      To what Winamp said, maybe he didn't remember who you were, he never said or showed that he knew who you were and you've obviously grown since then so you might have not looked the same to him. Just a thought.
    10. fOrceez's Avatar
      You are dragon.. but this guy says all dragons have been extinct for years.. does this mean you are the last?