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    , 06-26-2011 at 05:10 PM (1565 Views)
    My dream recall is still quite bad, but from time to time I still have a vivid lucid fortunately.

    I wake up.
    I'm in bed at my parents place, and immediately I notice that something feels completely off.
    I get up and investigate my surroundings.
    Most of my stuff is missing. I used to have a tv here, and an old computer I turned into a fileserver.
    All of that, including my desk, all of it is gone.
    Everything feels sort of dull and grey, like I'm not really aware.

    Awareness? I wonder if I'm dreaming.
    Yes! I must be!
    I rub my hands. Weird, doing so feels very vivid and intense, why is everything so grey?
    I decide it is not the dream that is not vivid/stable, but that my room isn't lit properly.
    I open the window of my room wanting to jump out.

    What is this? Everything is so green. I am in a tropical forest.
    What is my parents house doing in a tropical forest?
    I jump down to investigate further.
    There are small lakes everywhere and the air is very fresh.
    I follow one of the lakes enjoying the nice air, feeling the wind on my skin and looking at the sun rays shining through the leaves of the trees covering the sky.
    Somehow I feel attracted to a specific location not far away.

    Once I get there I find a caterpillar on a big leaf.
    It is very colorful and excited.
    Why do I know it is excited? I can clearly feel it.
    I approach it and look at it very closely.
    It's moving to the edge of the leaf and lets itself hang down from the edge.

    It quickly transforms into a chrysalis.
    How interesting, will I see it transform into a butterfly?
    I can feel excitement yet again. But it is not my excitement, it is the one of the caterpillar.
    It becomes clear to me that I can somehow feel what the caterpillar is feeling.
    It is afraid. Afraid because it knows it's whole body is about to be turned upside down, all it's organs rearranged.
    But this feeling is completely overwhelmed by the excitement of becoming a butterfly, and being able to fly.

    As it's body starts transforming, the soon to be butterfly is starting to dream.
    It dreams about being a butterfly and flying through the skies.
    It is no longer worried, just extremely excited.
    At some point I think about telling it to control its excitement, or else it might wake up.
    But then I realize I wouldn't know how to do that.

    The butterfly wakes up, knowing that the metamorphosis is completed.
    It emerges from the chrysalis and spreads its wings.
    They are very beautiful, with very strong tones of orange red and yellow.
    Even though the butterfly is so excited to fly, it has to wait until its wings are hardened.

    Once they are, the butterfly takes off and flies high off into the sky.
    It immediately knows how to fly and how to be a butterfly, even though it was a caterpillar all its life.

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    1. fOrceez's Avatar
      This is rather beautiful.
      And get well soon, dude! We miss your stories of Teraluna! <3
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    2. abicus's Avatar
      ur style is
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