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    Hyu's Adventures

    Minecraft, Climbing the Tower, Air Gear, Spaceship, Vampire

    , 02-06-2011 at 04:30 PM (5199 Views)
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    What the hell? O_o
    I have no idea what was going on last night, I didn't take any dream related vitamins / supplements or anything. (I never have)
    I did have a few drinks, but I can't remember this ever having an effect like this.
    I can recall so many dreams and most of them were very vivid.
    These are the non-lucid ones, I'll post the lucid ones later.

    1. Minecraft
      I'm in minecraft. My vision is the same as what you see on your screen while playing it.
      I've built a huge castle and I'm currently fiddling about with some double doors.
      I want stone doors which I can only open with redstone, so I need to create a hidden
      underground circuit with pressure plates. I have trouble figuring out how to invert one circuit
      but not the other one, without getting them to touch.

    2. Climbing the Tower

      I must make it to the top of the tower as quickly as possible.
      The antenna on the top of the tower needs to be replaced with a subspace transceiver.
      An alien ship is in orbit trying to send us the cure for all sicknesses in existence and this is the only way to go about it.
      There is some conspiracy going on where the governments don't want us to know about it.

    3. Air Gear
      I haven't read Air Gear for ages...
      It's the middle of the night, I'm sitting in front of my house.
      I'm holding inline skates in my hands, I'm about to put them on.
      They only have 2 wheels each, with an engine installed between them and disc brakes inside the wheels.
      The words "Air Gear" are engraved into them next to a wing symbol.
      I put them on and start riding towards the main road...
      ... I'm at the top of a mountain, on an awesome road leading all the way down.
      There are other people wearing "Air Gear". We're going to race down.
      The race is immensely fast paced, the engines are powerful and the brakes are strong.
      Taking shortcuts by jumping over cliffs is thrilling and the short time you are "flying" feels absolutely awesome.

    4. Spaceship
      It's the future. I'm in the search and rescue business.
      We just got a distress call from some mining ship in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
      I'm entering the cockpit of "my" spaceship, which is currently docked at the second international space station.
      (The ship is about twice the size of a nasa space shuttle)

      I know what all of the buttons do, even though there's a lot of them.
      I power the main reactor, start the heating sequence for the engines and start a routine pre-flight check whilst verifying the coordinates of the distress call.
      I'm joined by a women, my co-pilot. She says she's sorry for taking so long, puts on her seat-belts and powers up her consoles.
      I tell her it's no problem, we need to wait for the system check anyways.
      After it completes I request permission to dock off, which is immediately given.
      I use directional thrusters to move the ship a few meters away from the station before powering the main engines.
      After accelerating towards our destination I activate the FTL drive console and enter the coordinates.
      I ask my co-pilot if she's ready for FTL. She presses herself into the seat and confirms that she's ready.
      I press myself all the way back as well and hit the FTL leaver.
      The g-forces pushing me into the seat are barely bearable...

    5. Vampire
      I'm at university, leaving my classroom.
      I'm heading through the corridor and A. a classmate from last year is following me.
      She's following me because I'm luring her towards me with my powers.
      I enter a currently unoccupied room, after a few seconds she enters as well.
      I close the door and lock it.
      I approach her, she's moving backwards until she hits a wall.
      She comes to her senses and asks me what I am doing.
      The urge for blood takes over and I bite her in the neck... I'm a vampire!
      Some blood spills out and messes up her white shirt.
      She moans and shivers in pleasure... what the hell am I doing?

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I climbed a 300 antenna tower in the Coast Guard. I have also dreamed of being a vampire.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      You climbed one of these beasts in waking life?
      You've got balls mate, balls of steel.
      I was scared shitless, I couldn't look down or I would have freaked out.

      Being a vampire and sucking blood felt very good at first.
      But after a few seconds it felt really weird.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      It was an amazing experience. I used to be afraid of heights, but I have always followed my fear to guide me to adventure!