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    Out of body?

    , 02-16-2011 at 04:45 PM (1199 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I've averaged about 4-5 hours of sleep over the past 4 days and I felt quite sleep-deprived when I went to bed last night.
    Knowing that I could sleep for as long as I want this night, I fell into bed, closed my eyes and was asleep immediately.
    I woke up after about 8 hours, decided that it was not enough, turned around and fell back asleep.

    I open my eyes. I want to turn towards my clock to see how late it is, but somehow the task proves to be difficult.
    I can't really turn my body, am I in SP?
    No. It feels different. I feel weightless, and I can see even though it's pitch black in my room.
    The colors are a bit weird. I try to levitate upwards because I feel that I can.
    I slowly start levitating and turning in the air.
    I see myself lying in bed which gives me a bit of a shock.

    This hasn't happened before. I've seen myself in mirrors, but I've never actually seen myself face to face in a dream.
    My room seems to look identical to the waking life counterpart, down to the smallest detail.
    I try to stabilize the dream, but my usual methods fail.
    Most of my senses aren't working. I can't hear, I can't smell, and as I try to touch my desk, my hand just moves straight through, I can't feel either.
    I notice that I can feel the presence of the people sleeping in the same house though
    I find all of this quite weird, I haven't experienced a dream like this before, and I'm not sure what to do.
    I look at my hands and notice that the reason I can't touch things is because I don't have a 'real dream body'.
    I'm more like a ghost, my hands are slightly transparent.

    As I get better control, I levitate outside of my apartment by floating through the wall.
    I want to leave because the sight of my own body freaks me out a bit.
    It's still dark outside.
    I try to summon the wings on my left arm to teleport, but I can't.
    The thought that I might be floating around the real world crosses my mind, but I feel like I can't think about it properly.

    For some reason the thought to visit an ex-girlfriend crosses my mind.
    I immediately know it's a shitty idea, but then I locate her aura, or more like a feeling in which direction she is, and just start floating towards her.
    She's in Sweden, but even though I'm not really moving that fast, I'm crossing the ocean within seconds.

    We first met when she was on vacation somewhere close to where I live. We met in a rather weird way, but got along quite well and decided to hang out.
    We fell for each other quite quickly and hung out nonstop for 2 weeks until she had to go home.
    Both of us knew that a long-distance relationship wouldn't work so we called it quits.
    It's only then I realized how badly I actually fell for her, it took me quite some time to get over her.

    I'm approaching her house. I've obviously never been here, but I know this is her place.
    I approach the window of her room. I just want to see how she's doing, I want to know that she's happy.
    I float through the window. She has a really nice room.
    She has 3 different e-guitars, quite a few rock band posters on the walls, a king size bed, a really big desk with 3 monitors on it.
    There's quite a few books, and a lot of clothes on the floor.

    She's sitting at her desk, she's studying. She hasn't changed much, she looks exactly like I remember her.
    She turns around and looks at me. This freaks me out a bit, somehow I was under the assumption that she couldn't.
    It looks like she's thinking about something. She turns back towards the desk, she didn't see me after all.
    Did she feel my presence?
    I consider the possibility that I'm really here, in which case what I'm doing would be very creepy.
    I decide to go back home... for some reason I'm immediately in my bedroom again.

    I want to have a proper lucid dream, but I feel like I can't in this state.
    I try to move back into my body...

    Well... this was weird.

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    Tags: floating, ghost, obe
    lucid , side notes


    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That's awesome. I had an experience similar to yours a few nights ago, and I almost entered this state again last night. It is a very different feeling, not at all like a lucid dream. I'm glad you got to experience it, it's pretty amazing.
    2. DumbProphecies's Avatar
      Very cool! I have to train my mind a little bit more to get this kind of control!
    3. Snowboy's Avatar
      I haven't ever experienced that, but that is pretty cool! That sounds a lot like an OBE!
    4. saltyseedog's Avatar
      lol. Transparent hands... I've had those before
    5. saltyseedog's Avatar
      1. I totally can relate to your situation with that girl.

      2. Maybe you should dream share with her? If you still miss her... I bet she still thinks about you alot
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      I don't think 2. is a good idea.
      Even if it would somehow work (she isn't a 'dreamer') I don't think it would be very healthy for my social life.
    7. Peetee36's Avatar
      How did you feel when you saw her? I often see an ex-girlfriend of mine in my dreams, and for some reason I feel a great longing for her, as if she died and I'm just viewing memories. It's rather sad.
    8. Hyu's Avatar
      Yes, I did feel a great longing for her, both positive and sad at the same time.
      Although it felt quite amazing, it also felt very weird.
    9. tashows's Avatar
      Is there any chance of calling her or e-mailing her to verify if what you saw is really true? I mean you could ask if she was studying or if she really does have those band posters on the wall, or clothes all over the floor (lol). That would be awesome!
    10. Hyu's Avatar
      That wouldn't be creepy AT ALL.
    11. tashows's Avatar
      hahahahahaha xD i m just sayin... :$
      fOrceez likes this.