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    The quest for the lost Katana - Awakening the dragon within in the most exciting fight

    , 04-26-2011 at 12:45 AM (1587 Views)
    This dream was bloody amazing o_o
    It was so exciting!
    I wrote it down immediately after waking up to make sure I don't forget anything.

    I set myself an alarm for ~5 hours of sleep to WILD.
    I had a hard time transitioning... I was about to give up but then somehow I ended up in a dream anyways.

    I'm on Teraluna, in front of Yuya's house.
    Before entering I decide to attempt to induce a "deep dreaming state" similar to here.
    I grab a fruit from a bowl on Yuya's table and sit down in a meditative pose, trying to focus on each of my senses individually.
    But just before I feel that I'm done, I am interrupted by something very weird.
    I hear a deep growl, like in a thunderstorm, and I see the sky above me deforming.
    It feels like someone is trying to break through the sky, but that doesn't make any sense.

    Actually, it does, the protective energy shield surrounding Haven?
    The ground starts to shake, it is so strong I nearly fall over.
    The growling is now excessively loud. I am confused. Something is wrong.
    A big creature smashes into the ground right besides me and debris is shot into the air.
    At first glance, he looks human, but he's excessively muscular and at least 3 meters tall.
    He looks at me with a dark smile. I don't like this at all, I feel like he's here specifically for me.

    Yuya storms out of her house.


    The man grabs my arm and I am dragged into a wormhole.
    I fall out in a completely different place.
    I get up, ready to defend myself.
    This place looks dark, I don't feel very well at all.
    It's a place of ruins, I feel that many battles have taken place here, and many souls have died."

    "Why did you bring me here?"
    "To die..."
    "... why do you want me to die?"
    "You're supposed to be dead."
    "Pff... you don't get it, and you won't, and I don't give a fuck that you're alive again or why you are."
    "Then why do you want to kill me?"
    "This discussion is pointless, I just want to kill you."
    "Why the fuck would you want to do that?"
    "Pointless... absolutely pointless..."

    He seems disappointed.
    He approaches me slowly, making a fist with his right hand.
    This feels so real... I have had dreams that felt perfectly real before, but for some reason, this is even more intense.
    It's not that my senses are superior to previous dreams but... I'm afraid.
    I feel real danger emerging from this man, like he could really hurt me.
    I don't understand why that is, and it confuses me.

    My phoenix wings are not reacting, I cannot get out, I must fight... or... I could try to wake up?
    No! I won't. I must fight. I do not know why, but I am absolutely certain that it is the right decision.

    He charges me, and I blink a few meters back, trying to increase my focus on this battle.
    But he blinked right with me.... FUCK!
    I try to defend myself from the imminent hit with my arms, drawing up a protective energy shield around me, but I am still hit hard.
    I feel the pressure of his hit all over my body, the energy shield makes a cracking sound and disappears, I'm not sure if I would have made it without it.
    He's strong... too strong maybe. I can't feel his energy, probing his aura reveals nothing.

    He charges again... I launch a sphere of energy at him, but he just blinks through it.
    I concentrate as hard as I can... time slows down allowing me to evade a few hits and place myself in an advantageous position.
    With all the energy I can muster into a fist, I hit him in his shoulder.
    I can feel my energy resonating in his shoulder and causing some damage and he blinks away.

    He laughs histerically.

    "AHAHAHAHA, this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!"
    "FIGHT you little dragon, FIGHT WITH ALL YOU GOT!"

    I feel threatened, but at the same time he makes me furious, trying to kill me without even explaining what the fuck is going on.
    He summons a very long katana, probably 2 meters long.
    I power up as hard as I can, the dragonic energy causes strong vibrations within my body, and I feel very hot.

    "AHAHA, you're gonna fight me with your fists? WITH YOUR BARE HANDS?"
    "You amuse me dragon."

    Fuck... the katana... if only I had my...
    He blinks in front of me, trying to slice me with his katana.
    I blink away, but he keeps blinking after me.
    With every blink we make, he manages to barely slice into my skin.
    It hurts every time he cuts me. He doesn't deal any real damage, but I can't keep going like that, this needs to stop.
    I'm fighting a loosing battle, I need to do something now!
    If only I had my katana... if only I knew more about these dragonic powers...

    Thinking about the dragon within me, I feel anger... rage... fury!
    Fuck dodging these hits!
    I carefully time my next blink and manage to deflect his katana with my left arm.
    I hit him right in his stomach with my right arm, releasing much more energy than last time.
    But he manages to blink back before I have released all of the energy.

    As he blinks back, my body reacts on it's own fueled by anger.
    I use both of my hands to launch a fireball at him, it should hit him just after he exits his blink.
    But my body keeps going instinctively, I form a ball of energy in each hand and launch one angled to the left and the other to the right.
    He appears out of his last blink with the fireball right in front of him.
    He instinctively dodges it by blinking sideways, causing him to blink right into one of the energy balls.
    It explodes and he is launched against part of the ruins.

    All of this happened within less than a second, the battle is so fast, and he is so powerful.
    But finally I can catch a short break.
    I feel vibrations in my arms from launching spells so quickly in a row.
    It feels like the bloody in my veins is on fire, but it doesn't really hurt.

    I feel powerful, and so angry. But... it's a bit different from anger I experience in waking life.
    It doesn't feel like I am controlled by my anger at all, it feels more like the the dragonic energy causes me to feel angry,
    but without loosing control, and without properly despising anyone, more like a "state of mind to battle".
    The power of my dragonic energy feels a bit like a combustion engine.
    The harder I rev it, the stonger the vibrations, the anger and my power becomes.
    But I have no idea how hard I can rev this energy through my body, the vibrations feel like they could be dangerous to myself if I overdo it.

    If have many small cuts and bruises on my body, but nothing serious, but I can still feel the pain.
    It doesn't numb down the way it usually does, but I somewhat enjoy it...
    I enjoy the fear, the pain, the anger, the power, not knowing what will happen next, it is SO EXCITING!
    The man emerges from some debris, he doesn't seem hurt very much, just a few small burns on his chest.

    He smiles

    "This may become an interesting fight after all."

    He's extremely arrogant, acting as if I pose no challenge against him.
    He summons two large snakes and sends them to attack me from left and right.
    I can somehow remember moves, as if I suddenly had conscious access to my muscle memory.
    I let the anger fuel me and concentrate energy into my right arm.
    The dragon tattoo on my back has grown tribal extensions over my right arm which are now detaching from my arm, forming a glowing red whip.
    The end is still attached to the tattoo.
    I grab onto the whip and use it to kill both snakes with ease. It immediately turns back into the tribal tattoo.

    I charge at him, but he summons a lot more snakes, too many to handle with the whip.
    I concentrate my energy into both of my fists and hit the ground below me with both of them, releasing all the energy in the process.
    The energy creates a burning shockwave which obliterates all the snakes attacking me.
    I blink in front of him. Because he's so big I end up mid-air, and try to punch him in the face.
    He blocks with an arm, and hits me in the face.
    I can't block it, and I can't draw a barrier in time, but oddly enough his punch doesn't hurt that much.
    I land on my feet without falling over.

    Blood is leaking from my nose.
    I lick it, looking at him, and I smile.

    "You're right, this may indeed become an interesting fight after all"

    That was a very arrogant move, but all this battle emotions make me so excited.
    I feel that I'm strong, and I deserve to act like that, in fact I believe this is the proper etiquette when battling other beings of such strength.

    I finally manage to probe his aura. He's way stronger than me.
    Then again, my aura is a lot stronger than last time I battled.
    I don't know what the difference in power between us is, but I feel like he's stronger, but I'm slightly faster.

    He laughs hysterically.

    "That's the spirit."

    I power up even further. The energy revs through my body faster, I feel that I'm approaching the limit of my body.
    My eyes start to burn up. I feel pressure and heat on them.
    The sky turns into a dark red color, and the clouds turn into storms of fire.
    I understand why this is happening:

    Those who use the eyes of the dragon shall see the red sky burning, and so shall those who glance into these eyes.

    We charge at eachother. He jumps up high, trying to slice me with his katana from above.
    I can feel so much energy emitting from his blade. I can never let it touch my body.

    I instinctively jump up as well, trying to meet him mid air, to clash our swords.
    But... I don't have my katana? Why did I jump?
    But then I realize why. My katana... I have been searching for it... but it has been with me all along.
    It is a sword made specifically for me, to be used by my powers: those of a dragon.
    This is why it was forged using a bit of the essence of my own dragonic energy.
    This sword has a spirit... and as such I can hide it by depositing it within the fabric of space, which only very few beings can access.
    And this is where it is... where I left it years ago as a child... everywhere yet nowhere.

    We're both approaching each other in the air, closing in for the kill.
    I call out into the fabric of space for my katana, and it materializes in my hands.
    It is so full of energy, I must have left it like that.
    We both swing our swords, time has slowed down to the extreme.
    The blades clash, and release tremendous amounts of energy.
    A small bit of his sword shatters, and fractures form all over the blade.
    I notice a lapse in his focus and take the opportunity to blink and ram my katana into his heart.

    Due to the speed of these actions, we land about 10 meters from eachother.
    He's holding his damaged sword, and my hatana is lodged in his chest.

    Yuya appears from a portal, ready to help me fight, but she quickly realizes just how strong my aura is right now.
    She looks at me somewhat surprised. She was obviously worried sick.
    The man jumps at me again, trying to finish me with his sword now that I have no blade to defend myself.
    Yuya wants to act but I interrupt her with my thoughts.

    "Don't be afraid... I got this..."

    She stops...
    I look at the man, who is halfway through his jump.
    My katana is still full of energy, and lodged in his chest.
    I give him a dark smile, to make him understand that he will now die.
    I snap my fingers, and all the energy in my katana is released at once.
    The man, whoever he was, is burned to dust by the energy, and his broken sword falls to the the ground and is shattered into pieces.
    I catch my katana. It is very beautiful, but I'll have time to admire it later. I cast it back into the fabric of space.

    I approach Yuya, slowly powering down. The sky turns back to its normal color, and the vibrations slow down.

    "Are you alright???"
    "Yes. Just a few bruises."

    Considering my blood covered face and all the cuts, this may have been somewhat of an understatement.
    She seems speechless.
    She understands exactly how strong this man just now was.

    "Sorry for making you worry, I was trapped in this place."
    "It's.... it's all right... you're safe... but... how did you remember... these powers... and your sword?"
    "I suppose all it took was to fight for real once."
    "At least I think this was for real... was it?"

    She goes back to her mysterious self, knowing that I am safe.

    "Maybe... only you know the true limits of your abilities."

    I feel absolutely amazing.
    The feeling of overcoming such danger, of winning a fight against such a deadly opponent, the power I experienced just now.
    But as the vibrations leave my body, my vision blacks out.

    I wake up.
    I feel extremely refreshed, full of energy, I feel like going for a run around the block right now.
    But it's still a bit early for that...
    I get up and start writing down this dream.
    Screw taking notes and getting back to sleep, I don't want to forget a single detail...
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    1. Yomi's Avatar
      Just read this. Sounds awesome. Wish I could lucid dream, but I'll have to keep working at it. I want to get the Masamune. (Sephiroth's sword, if you've seen Final Fantasy 7) and maybe one wing as well
      I could end up with something different though, I'll have to wait and see.
      Questions: Any idea why you'd seal the katana away when you were younger? And why'd you seal it away at the end of this fight?
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Of course I know FF7! And yes, Sephiroth's Masamune is indeed quite an awesome sword.

      I seal my katana away for safety and practicality.
      Within the fabric of space, nothing is materialized, so nobody can find it there.
      Only I can call out to it and make it appear wherever I am.
      At least that's how I understand it.

      Good luck with your LD's!
    3. Yomi's Avatar
      So that's why you seal it away, makes sense, and thank you.
    4. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      One word: Epic. I'm glad you found the katana!
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      I hope I'll get to use it soon, I'm a big fan of katanas.
    6. Peetee36's Avatar
      Man, you've been looking for that for ages

      I was expecting it to rain down from the sky and slice right through him in mid air. Oh well
    7. Snowboy's Avatar
      Awesome! I really enjoyed reading that!
    8. fOrceez's Avatar
      This was absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!
    9. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      FREAKIN AWESOMENESS! I feel like getting another sword now.