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    A quest of sorts / All dreamers can fly

    , 08-14-2011 at 09:23 PM (1088 Views)
    My recall for this night is rather fragmented.

    I am in Italy on vacation. For some reason I am trying to rent some kind of special room to hold a big dinner and invite a lot of friends.
    Then I remember that I'm on vacation, so my friends are actually far away, but somehow I don't consider this an issue...

    ... I'm having said dinner, however I'm on some kind of cruise ship.
    After the dinner I'm walking through the corridors of the ship, trying to find my room.
    Somehow I don't know where my room is at all, but I seem to believe that I'll find it by just randomly walking around anyways...

    I wake up and attempt to WILD but I fall asleep too quickly.

    I am with other people in an unknown location. There is some sort of meeting.
    Why am I here again? It feels like I was drawn to this place by a higher force.
    I gradually become moderately lucid.

    The people I'm meeting with claim to be dreamers. I must have somehow stumbled into a shared dreaming experiment...

    ... Some of the people, including myself, have gone on some sort of quest.
    We're walking a path which supposedly leads towards our goal, though I have no idea what it is.

    There's a guy in armor leading the way.
    Then there's a girl who caught my attention because she's wearing a rather revealing outfit.
    Another guy is walking with us. He's very talkative and seems to be very interested in me.
    He keeps bugging me about Yuya, which I find sort of annoying.
    There's two more guys, but I can't remember anything about them.

    The girl is trying to show me how she can create ice crystals at will, but the annoying guy is heating up the spot where she tries to create ice crystals
    with fire magic every time she attempts to show me.
    I find this somewhat amusing.

    The guy in armor is acting quite weird.
    He has long black curly hair, and has a tendency to come very close to you when he's talking with you, opening his eyes widely.
    At one point I tell him:

    "You're weirding me the fuck out mate"

    He just laughs...

    ... We reach a tower on top of a cliff and climb all the way up.
    Apparently the goal was to come here, I don't really get why.
    Everyone but the guy in armor, the girl and me have disappeared by now.

    The guy in armor starts swinging his arms around wildly making magical noises and finally vanishes.

    "Right... now that was properly weird."

    I look at the landscape. It is very beautiful.

    "Hey. Wanna fly?"
    "Oh... no. I can't fly."
    "What? Bollocks, all dreamers can fly."
    "Well maybe, but I can't fly yet."
    "Sure you can, it's easy."
    "For you maybe..."
    "Well listen, with that attitude it's no wonder you have trouble flying."
    "Come here, I'll show you."

    We approach the edge of the tower. It's a very long way down from here.

    "Now what... don't tell me you want me to jump!"
    "Free your mind."
    "Free your mind!"
    "It's safe... it's all safe"

    I gently push her off the edge and as she realizes she's going to fall she starts screaming.
    Somehow I find this funny. I know she isn't in any real danger.
    I jump after her and catch up.

    "You fucking asshole!"
    "Haha, calm down"
    "Then fly?"
    "Fuck you!"
    "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
    "Now what?"
    "What did I tell you?"
    "Free my mind..."

    The air surrounding her suddenly becomes turbulent and she starts slowing down.
    She's very occupied with slowing down, and we come to a full stop about a meter over a lake.

    "See, that wasn't so bad!"
    "You could have said something instead of pushing me..."

    I drop down onto the lake and walk on the water.
    That clearly makes her curious and she stops flying assuming she'll be able to walk on the water as well.
    But she drops right into the lake, which I find quite funny.
    She flies back out and gives me a very accusing look.
    I say laughingly:

    "What? You asked me how to fly, now how to walk on water!"

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    1. bust113's Avatar
      I am not saying that I was in a shared dream with you, but if I was, I would be the annoying guy that was very interested in you and Yuya.

      I'm happy to see you're getting back into ludid dreaming.
      Hyu likes this.
    2. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      "You fucking asshole!"
      "Haha, calm down"
      "Then fly?"
      "Fuck you!"
      "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
      "Now what?"
      "What did I tell you?"
      "Free my mind..."
      Lol!! That's hilarious.
      Also loved the part about the annoying guy making a bunch of 'magical noises' when he disappeared. I got the funniest visual. XD
      Hyu likes this.
    3. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Hahaha, I'm loving the silliness in this one. Keep them coming, because your dream journal entries are always fun to read!
      Hyu and MadMonkey like this.
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      I love doing silly things or encouraging silly things in dreams.
      I find something about the experience very intriguing and extremely pleasant to witness.
    5. tashows's Avatar
      I think it's kinda funny that we laugh with such stories, but tell them to anyone else and they'll be like "hmm riiiight...". :p
      Hyu likes this.
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      Yeah... I have quite a few friends who'd probably think I'm nuts if they read this,
      especially since I write from the perspective of the dream, during which I have a very easy time believing in the supernatural.