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    Randomness on the verge of lucidity

    , 04-04-2011 at 02:48 PM (803 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    Haven't had properly random dreams in a while.
    Usually when I become lucid my dreams start "making sense".
    This night they most certainly did not.

    • I’m sitting in what I can only describe as a F1 Pit box, except there are seats for spectators. Someone is talking about stuff and we all applaud.
      I realize I don’t exactly know what’s going on, so I just mimic what everyone else is doing.
      Then a very big circular device passes over us. It’s about 200m, in radius, and seems to be for transportation.
      People are making fun of the driver because it’s moving extremely slow. I wonder what it looks like on the inside.

      I am now inside the device. There are a lot of seats and the thing is just moving about. It is indeed some sort of public transport vehicle.
      I remember that I have to be somewhere, so I approach the door to get out at the next stop. The device immediately stops and the door opens.
      I leave the vehicle and it immediately starts moving again.

      Where the fuck am I? I figured I’d end up back in the Pit box, but I am in the middle of nowhere.
      There’s 2 paths leading away from here, and there’s a sign indicating where to. The sign to the right says it leads to some sort of city, I’m assuming that’s where the Pit Box is.
      However it also states that one should not start this voyage past 14:00 because it takes over 3 hours to get there by foot, and that would mean it’ll get dark.

      Fucking fantastic. I can’t properly decipher where the other path leads to, but I’m interrupted anyways.
      A person tells me that I’m fucked. I recognize him as some sort of evil person who wants to destroy me, because… well I suppose I’m a good person and this is how this stuff works right?
      He takes out a gun and points it at me.
      Shit, I’m jumping off the rail system hoping to get some sort of cover behind them.
      He just laughs. I see a friend on top of the rails, he shoots him in the face and the body drops down next to me.

      I run to him but he just gets up and gives me a smile indicating that he somehow tricked him. He tells me to grab the guns.
      For some reason there’s 2 guns and 6 magazines on the ground. I quickly grab a gun, put in a magazine, load the gun and hold 2 more magazines for a quick reload.
      There are now much more people after us. Some are appearing on the rail, which is about 3m above us. I try to take a shot at someone, but it requires excessive force to pull the trigger

      I remember that this is a dream sign and become partially lucid, just enough to shoot the gun properly.
      I shoot a few people on the rail. I’m a rather good shot.

      A helicopter appears.
      “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”
      I take a few well aimed shots at the pilot and the helicopter retreats. I quickly switch magazines and look back up the rail, which is now a lot lower, so that I can actually see over it.
      There’s a building right behind the rails, which is very old and no longer has any windows.

      “Fuck! Werewolves!”
      “Excuse me, what now?”
      I see shadows of beastly animals inside the building, with glowing red eyes. Judging by the shadows they are ripping apart and eating people in the building.
      “We need to get the fuck out of here!”

      We run towards the intersection, my buddy wants to go right to the city. I remember the way takes hours, and it’s already getting quite dark. I suggest we take the left path instead.
      There are a few mesh doors along the narrow path and we just keep running.
      The path splits again. We go to the left because the right visibly leads into nothingness.

      There are signs along the path that stepping on radioactive ground can cause werewolves to spawn.
      There are some sorts of eggs below the ground on the path. They’re glowing in green and pulsating.
      We keep moving quickly, but we are very careful not to step on these eggs.
      The path gradually changes, it is now a normal path with a thin layer of snow on it.
      It is also pretty dark now, like night with a full moon, maybe slightly better lit.

      Some girls rides past us on some sort of mini tank. She doesn’t seem interested in us.
      We’re entering some sort of village. There’s a few houses here and there, and the street is lit by some lights, good!
      We want to take a quick rest on a bench, but then new guys appear, clearly after us yet again.

      We shoot most of them down, but one of them appears out of nowhere jumping at me. There’s no way I’ll get her in time. But right before she reaches me she gets shot in the head and drops dead.
      I realize the shot did not come from my friend, but from another person very close.
      I instinctively point my gun at her.

      I realize I’ve seen her in a dream before and become somewhat lucid.
      I remember that she’s very weird, last time she helped me, but she’s extremely spontaneous and unstable, she may very well change sides in an instant.
      I grab an automatic weapon dropped by one of the other guys.

      We moved to another place where we seem quite safe, and I’m alone with the girl from a previous dream.
      She shows me something weird, it’s two very small white bubbles, 2mm in diameter, linked by a tiny piece of string.
      Then she grabs my arm and pushes it into my skin.
      “What is this???”
      “It will make you very horny.”
      I can feel this thing which is now in my arm draining my lucidity.

      I become increasingly hornier just as she predicted. She’s pretty attractive though, so what the hell?
      We have pretty intense sex for some time.

      I’m walking the street outside of the place we were hiding. I get stopped by a police officer.
      He picks this device up from my arm. I hadn’t realized it had pushed itself out of my skin.
      “What is this?”
      I take it back and put it into my pocket because I think it may be a forbidden item or something along those lines.

    • I’m at the place of a girl called Nath or Nathalie. I’m sleeping over in the guestroom because it’s her birthday tomorrow and I seem to live far away from her.
      For some reason I want to take a shower in the middle of the night. I leave the guestroom and bump into another person because it’s so dark.
      She’s taking a shower, I’ll have to wait.
      The same thing happens again later. Déjà vu?
      I get back into the guestroom and realize that I am dreaming.

      I start spinning to change the dark dream scene which seems rather unstable.
      Unfortunately I fail at doing so and end up hovering over the ground in a weird position.
      I feel a breeze of air. Of course, the window!
      I go to the window to leave the house.
      Getting out of the window proves surprisingly difficult, but I somehow manage to get out upside down and drop into the garden.
      I want to fly away as a friend is suddenly next to me and suggests we go eat something at Hooters.

      There are 2 Hooters girls to our left in front of a restaurant waving us in. I’ve never been to Hooters, so why not.
      I quickly start flirting with one of the girls. She seems really into me and I get the feeling she wants to leave with me. She says she’ll be right back.
      The vision changes to her, I see her taking a pill.
      Then I see my friend explaining to me why she can’t resist me.
      I see only an analog clock now, which demonstrates the theory explained by my friend, related to how girls cannot resist a guy if you flirt with them in specific time windows.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      It's so frustrating being on the edge of lucidity. Silly DCs and their distractions.

      That first dream was pretty epic though, sounds like it was an adventure.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Yeah, sometimes DC's seem to try really hard to prevent me from getting lucid.

      The first dream was indeed rather entertaining, even though I never achieved proper lucidity.