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    Recall frustration

    , 03-26-2012 at 02:06 PM (806 Views)
    I am really frustrated with my dream recall right now.
    I'm not even stressed or anything, which would explain the lack of recall.
    Usually when I get adequate sleep, do the occasional wbtb, and try to remember my dreams when I wake up, my dream recall gets pretty decent.
    When I'm doing well I often remember 5 or more dreams per night.

    Looking at my recent dj notes though:
    No recall.

    No recall.

    No recall.

    No recall.

    No recall.

    In the U.S. walking through a pet shop. I find bearded dragons which I like.
    One of them has a really strong green skin color, must be a rare mutation.
    I then spot at least 15 pairs of eyes on him. Huh? How weird.

    No recall.

    No recall.

    No recall.

    I hear my father coming into my room to wake me up whilst still dreaming.
    I cannot recall the dream though, only that I heard him come in...
    Brain, why u no recall dreams? >_<

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    1. Dreamer95's Avatar
      :O, So was Destiny your last long dream before your recall started started messing up?
      I hope it starts coming back to you!
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    2. saltyseedog's Avatar
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    3. Hyu's Avatar

      :O, So was Destiny your last long dream before your recall started started messing up?
      I hope it starts coming back to you!
      It was the last long and vivid dream, yes.
      I haven't had another one in 3 weeks. :/
    4. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      Perhaps try out some of the common 'cures' for breaking a recall dry spell,

      Apple juice, pomegranate juice, chocolate, assorted vitamins, all seem to have a pretty strong backing on the forum as being able to boost your recall. Meditation/relaxation is always the one thing that will REALLY get my recall going again

      Also it could be a change in your lifestyle, if you've been eating differently, sleeping at different times, doing something different throughout the day, etc.
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    5. Hyu's Avatar
      I'm actually consuming apple juice, chocolate and assorted vitamins on a regular basis.
      I have trouble meditating lately, or rather I have trouble focusing on anything.

      Thinking about it I've actually had a constant mild headache for the past few days, and I've also been really tired even though I get more than enough sleep.
      I think I'll go visit a doctor just in case.

      Might also be the sleeping rhythm though, which I've sort of forced into more socially acceptable times.
      I was doing fine with it for 3 months now though.
    6. fOrceez's Avatar
      That's probably it, then. You just need to chill the f** out!
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    7. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      Believe in yourself! Or in your next lucid you just have to go find yuya and ask her to do some mojoe on you to fix your recall?
      Or go blow the radar jammer!
      I could honestly say that I follow your dream journal like a good novel..
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