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    Starcraft Tournament finals

    , 03-16-2011 at 04:51 PM (1026 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I play starcraft2. I'm quite a bit better at it than most of my friends, but I'm nowhere near as good as to play in a tournament.
    I do watch some casts though, follow some of the tournaments, so I guess that I have some idea of how these things work...
    After waking up I noticed that this dream lasted for a really long time and there were a ton of false memories.
    The gameplay mechanics were also spot on as far as I can recall, although the maps were quite weird.

    False memories:
    After getting my masters degree I moved to California, LA to follow my career as a game designer.
    I suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands, so I started to play sc2 quite intensely.
    I got to know a few people, and after some time I ended up in the pro-gaming team "ROOT". (Probably because I watch Destiny's stream who's in root?)
    Some worldwide tournament is happening in LA, the biggest one in the history of gaming, with an insane prize pool.
    I not only managed to qualify, but I actually got into the semi-finals.

    I'm sitting in a glass cabin, in front of thousands of people. I'm wearing sound canceling headphones, I can't really hear anything besides
    the sounds of the game and my own breathing.
    I played really well in this tournament so far, I'm quite proud of myself.
    I somehow managed to stay quite calm, even though I'm playing in front of a crowd, but things have taken a different turn now.

    I have to play one of my teammates. It's currently 3-3 ZvZ, the next game will decide who's going to the finals.
    I want to win, but I don't want to knock my teammate out.
    Without my team I'd still be a random master league player, but thanks to them I'm playing here, in this huge tournament.
    They taught me to play this game at a competitive level, I'm this good only thanks to them.

    We're 20 minutes into the game. We're both maxed on roach infestor.
    The map is quite open and huge. This game will probably be decided within a split second.
    If anyone is caught out of position he'll probably loose right away.

    I can't take it... the pressure is just too much. My heart is pounding, sweat is dribbling onto my keyboard.
    My hands are shivering... I'm loosing it. I have to get my hands under control or I won't be able to micro properly.
    My emotions are burning me on the inside.
    I don't want to knock him out. I don't want to give him an easy win either, or we'll all feel bad.
    I take a glimpse past my monitor. I can't see well due to the spotlights, but there's so many people cheering.
    I don't want to disappoint them either.

    I see his army approaching. I have to pull myself together, now!
    I take my hands off the keyboard and close my eyes, just for one second, in the hopes that it'll calm me down.
    And for some reason it does.
    We're fighting. Any mistake can cost the game now.
    None of us makes one, we trade army's pretty evenly, but then I can see it.
    His reinforcements are running into the fight, but they somehow balled up.
    I barely manage to catch them with a fungal growth.
    He fucked up, I push forward, hard and relentless.
    A few seconds later he gg's out. I won.
    I can feel the pressure suddenly disappearing. I take a few deep breaths. I'm in the finals...

    ... I'm at the hotel. The finals are tomorrow.
    My whole team is staying on the same floor. Everyone is offering me practice matches.
    But I don't want to play, I want to chill so I'll have a clear head tomorrow...

    It's the next day.
    My finals are against a Terran player... It's my worst matchup.
    He's very popular, I doubt I'll be able to win against him.
    But knowing that I made it into the finals in my first big tournament makes me stay calm.
    Even if I get steamrolled in the finals... I still accomplished a lot.

    ... He's leading 3-2. I have to win 2 games in a row to take it. I doubt I'll be able to.
    But somehow in the 6th game, I manage to pull off some insane nydus play and barely manage to win the game.
    3-3 again, well fuck me...
    Suddenly I feel a chance of winning again, and the pressure is back.
    I'm so nervous, my hands are shivering again and the final match hasn't even started yet.
    Then I see the map he's chosen. I'm fucked.
    The map is extremely terran favored in TvZ. Unless he makes a massive mistake there is no way to win this, and he won't
    make any stupid mistakes...

    I can't take it, I have to leave my box to catch some fresh air.
    The organization decides that there is a 20 minute break before the final match due to some technical issues.
    Well lucky me, 20 minutes to calm down... I feel like throwing up.
    The crowd is cheering... I wonder how they would react if I threw up on stage.
    I see my team mates waving me over. I walk to them, I can really use some encouraging words.
    I notice my girlfriend is with them... huh? did I have a girlfriend?
    Of course I do... silly me. (No, you don't...)

    She immediately says "come with me!"
    My team mates are a bit confused as she drags me away to the restrooms.
    She's probably gonna give me a pep talk. The crowd is too loud, we can't have a conversation in the main room.
    But she has something different in mind...
    She explains that she knows the best way to calm down. I only know what she's on about once she starts undressing.
    Right... this couldn't end up badly at all.
    But I am way too nervous about my next match to think about this.

    We have sex... in the restrooms, just minutes before my final match.
    I can't believe I'm doing this. But it really does make me forget about the match for a bit...

    ... It's time... I'm coming out of the restrooms. The crowd is cheering.
    I walk onto the main stage facing my opponent.
    I'm calm... perfectly calm. I'm ready!
    I shake my opponents hand "Good luck!"
    I say this with absolute confidence.
    He knows the map is strongly in his favor, he knows that he's the better player, me being so confident is probably fucking with his mind.
    He doesn't know what to say and goes into his box.

    I sit down in mine and stretch. I'm so ready, I got this.
    I look at the map, and suddenly, I know exactly what I'm going to do.
    There is one completely insane tactic I came up with recently, which may actually work on this map.
    He's probably never seen it before, and I just broke his calm.

    I smile... I got this!

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    1. SaiC's Avatar
      You should use rush-tactics in dreams, time is precious!
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Haha, true.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      So, what's the lesson to be learned here?
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      I don't really know?
      I am more confident about working through a high pressure situation after this though.