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    , 03-03-2012 at 02:07 AM (2026 Views)
    Odd things happen when you're only barely lucid.

    I am a wolf, running through the local forest.
    I run aimlessly as I have no goal.
    I just enjoy the night and the fresh air.

    The wind is rushing through my fur, it feels great.
    The forest is mine.

    I decide to take a small break once I encounter a river.
    I help myself to some water. It is cold and fresh.
    It feels just right after the long run.

    I look up to the stars. They seem much brighter than usual.
    I decide this is a good moment to heighten my awareness.
    Something doesn't seem right, I better RC.

    This proves to be a rather complicated task, because I cannot quite figure out how to plug my nose with a paw.


    My body starts to morph back into my human form.
    I plug my nose and try to breathe which works.
    I'm not really sure why I even tried though, I am fully aware that I am dreaming now after all.

    I rub my hands and take a look around.
    As I turn the scene smoothly changes and I find myself in the city.
    Well... that was weird. That doesn't usually happen, does it?

    People passing me look at me in an odd way.
    I ignore them. DC's sometimes act weird when I become lucid, I don't really care though.
    I try to remember if I have set myself any goals.
    What is the current Totm?
    I can't remember.

    I notice people are now pointing fingers at me.
    I realize that I appear to be fully naked.
    Well, I guess that's why.

    I concentrate on a hill outside of the city, which is just in range of my view.
    I blink towards it, which requires a surprising amount of concentration.
    I arrive within a split second.

    Aah, much better!
    I rub my hands again because I feel like my senses aren't fully there.
    I think about calling out to Faye because my dream doesn't seem very stable.
    Maybe she can help.

    But then I am surprised by a pony jumping by:

    Huh? What is Pinkie Pie... wait...

    "Why are you a pony?"

    She keeps bouncing.
    I consider that I might actually be full on insane.

    "Faye, stop bouncing around and help me!"
    "Oye, you always say you're my dream guide. Do dream guide stuff."
    "Hmm, as your dream guide I should probably point something out in this situation."
    "Your penis is visible sir."

    Yeah, I'm still naked...
    Faye finds this very amusing.
    I summon myself some clothes, which I am surprised that it works because the dream doesn't seems very stable.
    In the meantime Faye has transformed herself into a woman.
    I am sure I've seen her before, but I can't seem to figure out who she transformed herself into.

    "I can't seem to stabilize the dream."
    "There is no need."
    "Huh? why not?"

    The scene suddenly turns dark... crap.
    Fortunately I think about keeping my eyes closed and try to DEILD.
    I am convinced I am waking up...

    ... I can hear something. For some reason I think that someone in the house must have dropped something.
    I feel a tingling sensation all over my body and I drift back into the dream...

    ... I am now lying on... on a cloud?
    I sit up, Faye is sitting next to me.
    We're indeed sitting on a small cloud hovering maybe 50 meters over the ground.
    I realize my DEILD was highly successful and say

    "Fuck Yeah!"

    People below as look up at Faye confused.
    I have to laugh out loud.

    "Haha, dreams are fun!"

    The cloud makes a comical noise as it moves us along.
    The dream somehow feels more stable now.
    For some reason I get the sudden urge to fly so I drop off the cloud and start flying forwards.
    Faye immediately catches up.
    She gives me a rather competitive smile.
    Right on!

    I summon my dragon wings and accelerate hard.
    I immediately break the sound barrier and oh boy it hurts... in a good way though.
    My entire body is vibrating under the extreme pressure of going so fast.
    The noise is deafening.
    Faye keeps catching up and I go faster and faster.
    Mountains rush by.

    Then I notice something in the distance and slow down.

    It's Stonehenge!
    I go subsonic and land on the ground, still sliding a good 500 meters before I come to a stop.
    I am now directly in front of Stonehenge.

    How curious, I seem to get drawn to this place occasionally.
    I look around to see if anyone else is here, but it appears empty except for an old man who is...
    Wtf... -_-
    He is combing the grass... with a comb...

    I wake up.

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    1. saltyseedog's Avatar
      I like the wolf part
      Hyu likes this.
    2. SaiC's Avatar
      Wow, the last part reminds me of the Song "Alter Mann" from Rammstein.
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      I lol'd 3 times..
      1: where you were trying to cover your nose with your paw.
      2: your penis is visible sir.
      3: he was combing the grass... with a comb...
      Hyu and tashows like this.