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    Sucker Punch

    , 02-05-2011 at 04:37 PM (1168 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I've been waiting for Sucker Punch to come out since it was announced.
    I found a new Trailer for it yesterday (only seen the teaser so far), and I watched it quite a few times
    because it reminded me of some awesome dreams I've had.

    Whilst trying to fall asleep in the evening I kept playing out similar scenarios in my mind.
    I tell myself that if I become lucid during the night, I want to remember Sucker Punch, and I want to go to that crazy and insane world.

    I'm in Italy, following a mountain path I have walked a few times before.
    It leads to a really good restaurant near the top of the mountain.
    I stop to take a look at the scenery. It looks just like I remember it.
    But something feels off. I slowly realize that I am in the dream world, though I don't know why.

    I engage my senses, feel the wind, hear the noises of the nearby woods and try to see as many details as possible.
    Then I remember, Sucker Punch!
    Not sure how to approach this task I've set myself I close my eyes and let go of the current scene.
    I try to remember the trailer. No specific details, more like atmosphere and how it made me feel.

    I open my eyes and feel that I succeeded, though I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is I tried to do.
    The scene has changed, I am in some sort of stone castle. There is a big door in front of me, presumably the main entrance.
    The corridors are lit with torches. I try to anchor myself in this scene by further enabling my senses.
    There is a lot noise coming from outside, a war is raging.
    Something is trying to break through the door. Every time it gets hit it makes a cracking noise, it won't hold much longer.
    I'm not really sure how to proceed.

    I hear steps next to me, someone is stopping to my right. I turn around and I'm quite surprised by what I see.
    It's Baby Doll, wearing the same sailor outfit as in the trailer, with a katana strapped onto her back.
    Is she going to accompany me?

    "You have to believe."
    "I do... in fact... I don't just believe, I know"

    She smiles and throws me her katana.
    I take it out of its holster, it's beautiful, it feels oddly familiar.

    The door breaks open. A huge creature comes in, at least 10m tall, wielding a double blade.
    I start walking towards him even though I'm afraid.
    The excitement and my sense of adventure is much stronger than my fear.
    We both start charging at each-other. I dodge his blade and slice through his body with mine.
    His body only provides little resistance to my blade, it goes straight trough.

    I am outside of the castle, which seems to be floating on some sort of platform.
    Yes, the castle is flying in the sky, over a city at war, and there are other platforms floating in the skies as well.
    The city is partially on fire, there is smoke everywhere, and glowing shots hit he city and are shot from it into the skies.
    To my left is another creature, wielding a minigun.
    I can't get to him within time so I just do a slicing motion with my blade towards him.
    Energy leaves the blade, hits him and cuts him in half.

    Many more creatures are starting to climb onto the platform.
    I grab the minigun, which is way to big and too heavy for me to use, but I still manage to do so somehow.
    I can feel my muscles drawing energy so they can support the weight.
    I start shooting the creatures down with the minigun, but there's too many.

    "This way!"

    That was baby doll again. I drop the gun and run towards her.
    As I reach her she jumps of the platform... what??
    I jump after her.

    Below the platform is a railway system in mid air and a train is approaching.
    I get it, we're going to land on the moving train.
    But I'm falling fast, and the train is moving fast as well.
    I close my eyes for the impact... believe...

    I hit the train hard, but it doesn't hurt.
    I open my eyes, we're both riding ontop of it.
    The railway starts going vertical.
    I look up, it leads to another platform high up in the skies.

    Big bullets are shot from the city towards our train, this will end badly.
    The inevitable happens and the train is hit hard, but a few cars in front of us.
    The train starts to progressively explode from car to car.
    We look at each-other... no choice.
    We jump of the exploding train.

    I flip backwards, so I see the world upside down for a moment.
    For some reason this is an absolutely phenomenal feeling.
    I turn myself around properly and feel the heat of the exploding train.
    We're going down... falling past the castle platform, heading straight for the city.
    The faster we fall the stronger I can feel the air pressure, and it's making a terrible noise.

    I hear something. Baby Doll tried to tell me something.

    "I can't fly!"

    That's right! I can!
    I approach her mid-air and hold her in my arms.
    I draw my wings of fire...

    It HURTS.
    My ribcage and my spine make a cracking noise, and I can feel it throughout my body.
    The wings have to carry both of our weight and we're slowing down very quickly.
    We fall through the clouds now approaching the ground.
    I land on my feet hard, the ground beneath us crackles and the pressure of the impact throws things around us over.
    For some reason she's now wearing a white glittery outfit.

    In front of us is the city, and hundreds of these creatures are charging towards us from within it.
    Suddenly, I have it all figured out.
    I hand the katana back to Baby Doll and start focusing my energy as hard as I can.
    The tattoo on my body catches fire and grows over my right arm and the right part of my face.
    My wings burn hot, the flames become brighter every second.
    The heat around me becomes extreme, but it doesn't hurt me, in fact I like it.
    I feel insanely powerful.

    I'm shot at by some of the creatures, but the bullets burn down due to the heat before they hit me.
    My wings grow bigger and bigger. I feel ready.
    I eject all of the accumulated energy and focus it towards the city.
    My wings leave my body, they are now part of the insanely big fire dragon I just summoned.
    It's wing span must be at least 100 meters.

    I drop to my knees. This may have been a little too much energy, I feel dizzy for a second and my aura seems unstable.
    I quickly manage to stabilize it though. I look towards the city.
    The fire dragon has already destroyed all creatures in its path and is now ramming into the city.
    The whole city catches on fire, the buildings are torn off the ground.
    The war is over.

    For some reason I know this war was over a key. A key Baby Doll needs.
    I search for the key with my mind and find it in the burning remains of the city.
    I draw it towards us with telekinesis.
    It's a very simple key, one of those to lock doors within a house.
    I hand the key over to Baby doll, because I feel that's what I'm supposed to do.
    I get the weird feeling that the reason I'm here is to help her get the key.

    She's happy to receive the key and gives me a kiss on my cheek.
    Then she disappears.
    Nothing happens for a few seconds.
    I suddenly remember why wielding the katana felt so familiar...
    It used to be my weapon of choice in childhood dreams... in fact I still own it... it must be somewhere in the dream world.
    I want to find it... but it isn't in this world...

    I don't know what to do next. It feels weird because nothing new is happening, that is very unusual.
    I turn around.
    A man stands right in front of me.
    He punches me right into the face and it fucking hurts.
    I wake up.

    Note: My next goal is to find the katana I have used in childhood dreams.

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    1. Komui2's Avatar
      And that's why they call it sucker punch.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Yeah XD that's exactly what I thought.
    3. saltyseedog's Avatar
      I got major chills when got to the part about dreams in that video
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Amazing! You rock. Good job finding your katana. Maybe the sucker punch helped you to wake up, and remember the dream.
    5. Suicideking's Avatar
      This doesn't sound like a normal dream though, the fact that u felt pain is well.......odd maybe it was ur sanctuary.
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      I feel pain in lucid dreams occasionally, I don't think it's that uncommon?
      Its more like a sudden surge of pain though, it numbs down extremely quickly.
    7. ooflendoodle's Avatar
      SUCKER PUNCHED!!! lol