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    Whores & Meditation - Starcraft2 MLG - Vampires

    , 06-01-2011 at 12:52 PM (889 Views)
    Dream recall has been quite bad over the past few days.

    Whores & Meditation
    I find myself in what I can only describe as a whore house.
    I quickly realize that this is a scene from Game of Thrones and become lucid.
    Even though I decide to go to Teraluna, having naked whores dancing around me is somewhat distracting.
    I start thinking about how they probably wouldn't look as hot if this really was the middle ages and not some sort of fantasy world.
    I contemplate staying and having some fun, but I know I would regret it afterwards, so I teleport to Teraluna...

    ... Yuya and I are meditating outdoors.
    I try to get back into a similar state as last time: Spirit World - Life - Dream Journals - Dreamviews Lucid Dreaming Community & Resource
    Unfortunately I can't get into the same state though, but I am able to hover out of my dream body and float around in proximity of my body.

    Starcraft 2 - MLG
    I'm at MLG Columbus, playing sc2.
    I brought my "Das Keyboard" and the rather loud clicking noise it makes seems to slightly piss the guy playing next to me off.
    Why isn't he using headphones anyways? It's stupid to play without hearing game sounds, what if someone nukes / nyduses him?
    I play alright, but sometimes notice that the laws of the game are broken (I have both Zerg and Protoss units, some games are 1v2)
    There's a group of people standing right behind me watching me play which is somewhat unnerving.

    A friend takes me to a mansion. There is some sort of higher purpose for coming here, but I don't know what it is.
    I'm also somewhat aware that I am not entirely human, though I'm not entirely sure what I am.
    As we enter the place I immediately notice that everyone is wearing goth / dark clothing.
    I on the other hand am wearing white pants and a white shirt.
    Great, guess who's not standing out at all?
    I'm getting a few weird looks, and my friend starts talking to the person who seems to be in charge.
    I look around and see some people feasting on humans. They are Vampires! We're in a vampire mansion! Holy shit!
    For some reason it doesn't make me feel too uncomfortable though, I feel like I knew vampires exist.
    We get a tour of the house... everything looks a bit Victorian era like.
    I am offered a human to feast upon. I can't remember whether I'm a vampire or not, so I decline.
    It seems like they only asked me as a joke anyways. Yeah, I'm definitely not a vampire!

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