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    Wolf transformation / Annoying religious girl

    , 08-16-2011 at 11:28 PM (1329 Views)
    I'm in Germany at a friends who's trowing a party.
    There's a few people there I know, plus a girl I've just met.
    Her first question after being introduced is: "Do you believe in god?"
    This annoys me. If this is the first thing she wants to know about me, it has obviously got to be very important to her.
    I reply with: "Which one?" thinking that she'll get the message and not talk to me for the rest of the evening, or at least drop the religious talk.

    I don't mind religious people at all, as long as they aren't annoying about it, and I have a very strong feeling that this woman is exactly that kind of person.
    To make things worse, she doesn't get it.

    "What do you mean? Our lord an savior Christ of course! Don't tell me you're one of those atheists..."
    "Yes, I am an atheist. But I could simply believe in another religion as well, you shouldn't generalize the term god like that. There's other beliefs out there you know."
    "Yes, but they are all false, and you are a bad person for not honoring our lord."

    You've got to be kidding me...
    I roll my eyes and walk away.
    There's no point in arguing with such people, I consider them borderline delusional.
    I grab some food from a buffet when I notice the girl followed me.

    "If you ask nicely I can teach you the way of Christ and save your soul you know... you can be forgiven!"
    "Listen girl, what you're saying is terribly offensive. Being religious does not make you a better person than I am."
    "I uphold moral values the same way you do and I need no religious teachings to tell me how to do so."
    "You should leave me alone."

    But she doesn't... instead she tells me that I'm going to hell.
    I contemplate explaining the difference between beliefs and facts to her, and how what she's saying is being offensive but I quickly decide against it.
    I've met people like her very rarely, but this is extreme.
    I look at the balcony and think: If only I could just fly away. This party sucks!
    If this was a dream I could just jump and begone.

    I feel the urge to try to levitate...
    I look at the girl who's now staring at me, looking genuinely sorry for myself.
    This makes me angry, I could slap her in the face.
    She seems to have no free will, just an empty shell... like a DC...

    Hmm... I look around.
    Nothing's off, everything seems perfectly fine... still... is this a dream?
    I try to retrace my steps... how did I get here?

    I have no idea... I must be dreaming!

    I approach the balcony with the girl pursuing me.
    Just before reaching the balcony I try to RC, but as my hand approaches my nose I finally know that I am dreaming, even though I haven't performed the RC yet.
    So I just jump off the balcony and fly away.

    It is nighttime, but I can see somewhat clearly.
    I fly over a forest, enjoying the nice and fresh air, and not being annoyed by that girl anymore.
    Flying... it really never gets old, it's such an amazing experience.
    But I feel like doing something different.
    I feel like running. Running as a wolf! Just as I did in Dancing with the wolves, Dragon at Stonehenge - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    I approach the ground and shift into a big white wolf mid flight and enter the forest fully transformed.
    As I run though the forest I quickly notice that it's not the same as last time.
    Last time was a magical experience, but this time it is not.
    It doesn't feel surreal at all, and the forest appears normal and boring... not to mention it is rather dark which is bad.

    Maybe last time I wasn't on earth? Maybe it was because I was with Olivia?
    I keep running faster and faster, trying to remember what it was like last time and hopefully teleport into the same scene.
    As I reach higher speeds my fur starts to sparkle and my vision becomes distorted.

    My vision normalizes and I'm certain that I've teleported back to the location I was in last time.
    It feels magical yet again. The forest is beautiful and oddly bright even though it's the middle of the night.
    The sensation of the air brushing through my fur is absolutely amazing.
    I wonder if I'll be able to meet Olivia or whoever she was yet again.
    I attempt to relocate the hill we were on last time and find it after about a minute.

    But she is not here.

    I howl into the night hoping that she'll hear me and come visit me...

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    1. Randoman's Avatar
      cool imnot that good at trasforming
    2. TheMorningStar's Avatar
      Awesome, I could almost feel the exhilaration of running through the surreal forest as a wolf.
      Hyu likes this.
    3. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      I've never intentionally transformed myself into anything in my dreams. I've had non-lucids where I've transformed into different animals though. Maybe I should try it next time I'm lucid!
      Hyu likes this.
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      Being in a completely different body and realizing how all your senses are different but still make complete sense is quite amazing.