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    You are Dragon

    , 05-22-2011 at 01:19 AM (951 Views)
    I'm on Teraluna.
    Yuya is teaching me about dream bubbles, or temporary dimensions like she calls them.
    We've done this before, but this time she's telling me how to create a completely customized bubble, with my own rules at will.
    She's explaining that using the 'natural bubble' we spawn in when we dream requires little to no energy, but it is also impossible to fully control.
    We can definitely influence it to a great extend, but the control is limited.

    Creating a custom bubble whilst in the dream plane requires a lot of energy, and it is fully customizable, but unfortunately they are very small and somewhat limited in features.
    You can create a simple room, and apply some rules to this room, but you cannot create a beautiful outdoors environment for example.

    The idea is quite basic, create a custom room and apply the rule "create gradually more powerful monsters attacking myself".
    According to Yuya this is a rather high level training method, and quite effective.
    Not only do you have to stay alive, but you also have to keep the dream bubble up, which requires a high degree of concentration.
    Maintaining such concentration during a battle is very hard.

    I don't understand how it works, but I somehow understand how to do it.
    It's quite complex and requires delicate energy manipulation and a lot of willpower.
    You have to fade into the new dimension at the same time you're creating it, it is a very weird and confusing experience.
    My first few attempts are quite unstable, and the dream bubble breaks twice.
    When it breaks I simply fall out from the spot I created it.
    But then I get a feeling for it, and suddenly it seems very straightforward.

    I am fighting waves of increasingly more powerful monsters, using my dragonic powers and my katana.
    Even though the monsters are very realistic, there is no blood or anything.
    When I slice through one, it simply fades away.

    I'm trying to push myself to the limit, to see how powerful I truly am.
    My own aura causes massive vibrations throughout my body, it feels great!
    I move at an incredible speed, and the heat of my aura leaves burning trails behind me.
    The dragon tattoo is fully grown and glowing in a bright blue.
    Even though when I fully focus, time progresses so slovely I can time every one of my movements perfectly,
    I still occasionally manage to move so quickly that my mind cannot keep up.
    It's a fantastic experience.

    I'm at my limit, I cannot keep up with the monsters anymore, at this point I'm just reacting instinctively to stay alive.
    One scorpion like monster manages to pierce me with its tail.
    It feels really cold for a split second, then the dimension disappears and I fall back to Teraluna.
    I check my chest, I haven't hurt myself, this really is an amazing way to train!

    ... I'm now at Yuya's place.
    I'm exhausted and we go to bed... I feel myself falling asleep very quickly...
    I know this feeling from waking life. The numbness of my body, the heavy blanket feeling, the lightheadedness, I'm beginning to dream!

    I am floating through darkness. I do not have a body, I am pure energy.
    A scene starts to form around me.
    The ground is volcanic, there are small crates everywhere and colorful plasma is streaming out of them.
    There are a few lava streams as well.
    I realize I cannot be on a planet. The horizon has no curvature and there is no atmosphere, I can see directly into space even though it is daytime.
    Somehow this place feels oddly familiar.

    I feel a presence behind myself and turn around, I am still floating in the air.
    A white and blue dragon approaches me. He is very beautiful but also very fear inducing.
    He has two pairs of insanely large Wings, and two tails with white blades on them.
    He stops right in front of me, gazing into my eyes.
    His voice is deep and so strong it is resonating in my body.

    "You are Dragon!"

    I am surprised by this statement, even though people call me Dragon all the time.
    I always figured I was somehow using dragonic abilities, but I never considered being an actual dragon.

    "I use the powers of a Dragon."
    "No. You are Dragon. Always."
    "You were born Dragon. Appearances are irrelevant. You are Dragon!"
    "I am here because you need to know this."
    "You are near the age of waking. When you do, your powers will fully awaken."

    His presence is absolutely overwhelming, I feel that whatever question I would ask would be inappropriate.

    "Thank you."
    "Remember... you are Dragon... ALWAYS."

    I wake up in my bed at home. I want to tell Yuya about this dream, but when I turn around I realize my mistake.
    I am not on Teraluna, I am at home... I just woke up... stupid me.
    I take some quick notes but then my eyes start to itch.
    Rubbing my eyes, I walk to the bathroom to check in the mirror if I have something in them.

    I am shocked when I see myself in the mirror. My eyes are glowing lightly... The same way Yuya's eyes do, the same way mine do when I look at myself in a mirror on Teraluna.
    What is happening???
    I am Dragon... always? Shit... this can't be!
    I turn around to look at my back in the mirror, searching for the dragon tattoo which I know cannot be there.
    But there it is...
    It is not fully formed yet, my skin is bleeding in the spots where the dragon tattoo is in my dreams, and it is slowly being filled with color.
    Holy shit... am I really a Dragon? Am I awakening?
    I can't decide if I should be amazed or be worried about the consequences this would have on my future life.

    But then I realize that I'm wrong.

    Of course... I am still dreaming, holy shit!

    I wake up again, this time for real.

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    1. HippieGold's Avatar
      Wait, so your saying you had a dream within a dream? :O que inception bong!
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Yes, I guess it is sort of a dream within a dream, I've done it before.
      It's nothing like in inception though.
      You don't go "deeper", it's more like teleporting into a whole new scene.