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    Hyu's Adventures

    Yuya explains a few things about energy and magic.

    , 01-27-2011 at 02:06 AM (1093 Views)
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    I've been working on a project, programming all day.
    I'm very tired and take a short break.
    I remember that last time I was so exhausted I managed to WILD during a nap quite easily.
    Sounds like a good idea.
    I turn on some ambient music, set myself an alarm clock for 30 minutes and lean my rather comfortable chair all the way back.
    It takes little time for HI to appear, though I didn't even notice any of the usual SP signs.
    I can't really remember how I transitioned, but I was trying to visualize Yuya and Teraluna.

    I fall on my ass.
    Yuya is sitting in a chair close to me, looking at me slightly confused but mostly amused.
    I get up, slightly amused myself, but try to block out any thoughts related to waking life.
    Yuya looks different than usual. She's wearing more casual clothes, and her hair is shorter, dark blonde, and kept in place by some sort of bandana.
    It's definitely her though.
    I greet her and ask her about her appearance.
    She explains that she likes to change it when she leaves Teraluna.
    I notice I'm indeed on a different planet, but it is confusing the hell out of me.
    I try to focus on Yuya rather than on my surroundings, which aren't very clear.

    I take a seat next to her wondering what I should talk to her about. A thought suddenly pops into my head.

    "Hey Yuya, tell me about magic."

    She looks at me, slightly surprised, but she also seems quite happy about the question.
    She shows me her hand, as if she was holding something, but it's empty.
    A small ball forms over her hand and starts growing.
    It's clearly water, but unaffected by gravity, it just hovers over her hand.

    "There's an infinity of different kinds of Magic.
    Magic is basically a manifestation of energy."
    I make sure I don't focus on the water bubble too much, but rather on what Yuya is telling me.

    (I don't remember the conversations exactly word for word. I remember the content of the conversation and some snippets. I filled in the holes with what I think seems right)
    "If you use your energy for something, that's magic.
    You've opened a portal before, you've teleported, you've reinforced your own body, all of that is magic.
    But everyone has a certain affinity for different kinds of magic.
    Creating water may be very easy for me, but it may be very hard if not impossible for someone else."
    "So, considering that you used to be the goddess of water, it makes sense that you have a very high affinity for water based magic?"
    "Yes, exactly."
    I ask her about music based magic, but she says that she's not very skilled with it.
    "So what about me, what did I use? I've recently remembered that I can use dragonic powers?"
    That puts a smile on her face, she's excited.
    "Yes! You're a dragon! ... I mean... you can use the same powers as a dragon, which is quite rare.
    You see, most dreamers use shamanic magic. They transform into something stronger than they are, often an animal, and acquire more powers that way.
    What you usually do is different though. Although the basic idea is the same, it couldn't be any more different.
    You understand on the lowest level how a dragon uses his energy and you adapt your own aura so it mimics that of a dragon perfectly."
    "You see, many people can transform into a dragon, fly and spit fire, but they cannot discharge energy with the same brutality a true dragon can.
    Although this is very powerful, being able to quickly transform into a set of other creatures has it's upsides...
    By the way, you can use more powers than just those of a dragon, like the wings you use to teleport."
    She asks me excited:
    "Can you awaken the dragon within?"
    I focus on the core of my energy and try to change it into that of a dragon.
    The energy flows faster through my body, it starts to vibrate and the power discharge feels dirty and slightly uncontrolled.
    I feel the dragon tattoo on my back growing over my right arm and parts of my face.
    It's not really visible, it's more like heat inside of my body.
    I feel insanely powerful and get very excited.

    Yuya looks at me amazed:

    "Next time, let's go on an adventure, just like in the old days... you are ready!"
    I get super exited at this point... too excited, and I wake up.

    There's another 3 minutes until the alarm clock is supposed to go off.
    I'm surprised since the dream felt quite short, less than 5 minutes for sure,
    yet so much time has passed in the waking world.

    Note1: I clearly remember creating a story for a manga when I was much younger, inspired by the dreams I had at the time.
    It followed a similar set of rules, and the hero learned to use dragonic powers at some point in the story.
    Even later in the story he learned to use special wings to travel through dimensions, which strongly remind of how I teleport in dreams.
    No-one was able to transform into other beings in this story though, but I know that I did modify quite a few things so the story made more sense.

    Note2: holy shit! I want to have insane dream battles, now!

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar

      I am of the shamanic type, apparently. I change into many forms, but my base Beast Self is a jaguar-man. Then, again, your dream world or state of being may have different types.

      I am very excited to see where this is going, and to see how you and I are connected through Selene and Yuya.
    2. CyperAleksi's Avatar
      Sounds pretty awesome, again.

      I hope you don't get too carried away though? (From school/work/something).
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      I doubt it, it's not really time consuming.
      I mean, isn't that one of the beauties of lucid dreaming? You do it while you're asleep, which is time that is usually wasted.

      If I have school the next day I simply don't WBTB to make sure I get enough sleep.
    4. Snowboy's Avatar
      Every single time I read an entry like this I feel like I am missing out on something special...

      Quick question: What are the other types of magic? Just wondering.
    5. Zealot's Avatar
      how often do you get to visit Yuya?