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    Bats and Curses

    by , 10-18-2015 at 03:32 PM (231 Views)
    I was walking with a couple of people over the hill which takes me to my grandma’s house. I’d sprinted off in front to lose them, but I ended up by an electricity pilon and stayed there till they came. They asked me to lift up my shirt, and they found a bite mark on my tummy. They said a certain bat had bitten me and I was going to die. Next I had become a bird and I was being attacked by the bats at all sides, they were biting chunks out of me. I was amazed at how cruel the world could be and terrified with the prospect of facing my own painful death.

    I was in school sitting next to my first crush, though we didn’t interact. There was a room and in it a statue of an ancient Egyptian goddess. The statue was white but she was supposed to be black. She was said to live in a “haze of nicotine” being the godess of smoking (I did in fact wonder how the ancient Egyptians had tobacco) and anyone who disturbed the statue would be cursed. I then watched CCTV footage of an old man who was being chased through a snowy neighbourhood by these curses, which ended in him being incinerated by an explosion of fire.

    I was with a woman putting a line of selatape which had LSD on it across the doorway of a kitchen. Next I was in a Sioux like tribe in a massive room with outdoor features. I was being taught by some kind of mentor how to build up my tribe like it was Age of Empires, and I was learning to hold a spear on horseback. The other civilisations in the room were more advanced than us and whenever we saw them coming we would all brace and put foreward our spears.

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