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    by , 10-16-2015 at 01:32 PM (249 Views)
    I was with a couple of mates who I donít know in real life and they had both done a drug, which I assumed was LSD. We came to some kind of bar or house party and they wandered off, though one guy started freaking out badly. There was a sort of grate in the first room, about 4ft by 4ft which was used as a toilet and I was taking a leek in it. At the party we met an incredibly rich man with blond hair, and he was completely drunk. He took us down to where his car was parked and invited us in. I refused, and I tried to tell my friends it wasnít safe. ďLook at him, he canít even walk!Ē I said. They got in the car but it happened that there were three police cars just nearby. An officer walked up to me and said I shouldnít have taken the drug, which he used a slang term for. I said I hadnít, it was my friends.

    I had another dream of being at the site of a horrific car crash. I didnít see any bodies but there was blood everywhere over the smashed windscreen.

    I dreamed I was in a car with the members of a band and they were singing Dragonforce songs. It was supposed to be a music video but it seemed to consist of only my gaze looking around the car. Through the mirror I could see the lead singer turn sometimes into a striking woman with a witch like appearance. The other members of this imaginary band, who were more like chavs than metalheads, started sparking up and going on about how stoned they were gonna get. I was in a bad state for some reason and I told them either to get me some whisky or to get me so stoned I donít care about anything else, but I really wanted to drink (I am abstaining from alcohol at the moment in real life).

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