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    The Gassy Chicken

    by , 10-20-2015 at 02:52 PM (237 Views)
    I was with two other people in my granddad’s old garage and there was a half cooked chicken with a hose, like the type they use for bunsen burners at school, attached to it. There was gas escaping from the chicken and one of the people who I think was that guy from Scrubs, was complaining because we couldn’t channel the gas anywhere. Next I was in the bath with Jake my brother and the chicken was in an oven at the other side of the bathroom. It had begun to crackle and the hardened skin on the outside had split to reveal it was raw inside. I got out of the bath and put it on the floor. As Jacob watched me I screamed, “IT’S DEEEAAAD!!!” and pretended to stab it. There was a knife in the bath but I decided not to use it for safety reasons. Jake started to go mental and I pranced out of the room and downstairs deliberately trying to torment him. I shouted something at the bottom of the stairs a long the lines of, “Thanks for making me go downstairs naked” even though I actually had clothes on.

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