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    The Hospital Classroom

    by , 10-26-2015 at 01:22 PM (200 Views)
    I was trying to take a bath at my grandma's old house. The floor was crawling with large spiders and even though I still wanted a bath I tried to get out at one point by hopping on the bathroom mats where I could see there were no spiders. Next I dreamed I was in a hospital and there were a few beds at one side of it where one patient told me about a ghost he sees leaning over his bed that haunts the place. Next the place was a classroom and I was in a history lesson learning about the Pacific war and also Attila the Hun. I was doing a test in which you had to write about the history without the aid of textbooks or anything, and a female student looked at my work and laughed at it. I couldn't understand how I had done anything wrong.

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