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    02.09.2023 Autumn Competition

    by , 09-02-2023 at 09:51 PM (166 Views)
    Because of my job nature, first you need to know my sleeping schedule:
    1200-0600 A.M. I was in work
    0600-1130 A.M I was sleeping. This is my main sleeping block. Here I had 2 dreams
    1200-0600 P.M. I was in work
    0700-0900 P.M. I was sleeping. This is my "nap". Here I remembered 0 dreams

    First dream was somewhere in the middle inside main sleeping block. 09 or 10 am. I didn't write anything so I already forgot that dream when I woke up at 1130. My second dream I remember only half because I lost memory almost instantly after waking up. I was trying to restore that memory for 2 hours and I was very close to make it true but I failed:
    #DF 1
    I was in park near my childhood home but I wasn't a child. My estimated age was similar to my true age but the age wasn't defined in dream at all. My estimating is based on my dream feeling, point of view and my behavior. I was riding on my bike in the middle of night and I was passing near my home. My father had barbeque with his friends in the garden and for some reason I wanted to be undetected. But he saw me and he called me. I ignored that. I remorsed that I ignored my dad so I entered to garden via backdoor and joined him.
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    1. Oneirin's Avatar
      Two hours trying to get the memory! Awesome perseverance!