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    04-05.09.2023 Autumn Competition

    by , 09-05-2023 at 07:42 PM (137 Views)
    This day wasn't really good. At morning I didn't remembered any dream. I was trying to remind but nothing happened. But at evening right before I started meditation I restored one scene from first dream and one scene from second dream

    DF #1
    I was on ship's brigde probably as a watch officer. I was watching some porn on computer during my watch and somebody catch me.

    DF #2
    I was a child or teenager and I was playing on allotment

    This day was much better than last one. This time I remembered two almost fully dreams.

    Dream #1
    I was in my childhood home but I wasn't a child. We had some construction work in garden, something like footpath restoration but it was on hold (I mean the work didn't happen in my dream but I saw prepered area and prepered materials). I saw fire hydrant near porch. It made me some emotional discomfort because I knew we don't have any hydrant in our garden.
    My grandma come to me. She told to me I'm moving out. I told her I have no place to live right now. She answered me I can live on unused flat of my uncle for while. At this moment my perception was moved on the street where my uncle have tat flat. This flat doesn't exist in reality but I didn't notice that in my dream. After short time my perception come back to moment where I was in garden. I come to car parking place. Near I saw second hydrant.
    The scenery changed. Now I was probably in kitchen. I was washing plates above important documents of my mom. My dad told me I should pay more atention what I'm doing. I took the documents to my hands. I looked like book with blue cover and simple black title in A4 format. I looked inside. The first page had photo of my mother and her personal data like in ID Card. Rest of pages looked like police archive. My mother's face on photo looked different than in reality but I didn't notice that fact.

    Dream #2
    I was comming back from doctor. I was riding on bike in oldtown of undefined city. For sure it wasn't my home city. A head of me I saw white church with blue roof but I didn't put atention on this. Instead I pay attention on street name. It had name of my father. But in this dream I was part of mafia familly so my dream father was different one. I saw that nobody are aware how important I'am here. That made me smile

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