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    06.09.2023 Autumn Competition

    by , 09-06-2023 at 05:18 PM (105 Views)
    DF #1
    I was traveling somewhere. I don't remember what was my direction and I don't remember where I was in the dream. I made tent camp and I went inside a cozy and warm sleeping bag.

    DF #2
    I don't remember this dream very well. I was in my home and I was lying in my bed. My aunt come to me. Also I remember I was fixing computer.

    DF #3
    I was somewhere near my primary school. It was dark outside.

    Dream #1
    I was in undefined toilet. I think it was a public place because it looked like interior of public toilet. A floor was full of water. It reached above my ankle. Sink was full of water also, but this one suprised me. When the water reached egde of sink it doesn't fell down. Insted it was still come up. After few second I saw water wall. I pushed my hand through it. The water was wet and cold. I felt it.
    Next I went to second room in the toilet. I was much more space and I saw more sinks with mirrors. Woman with baby come to me. She asked me for help in carrying that baby. I agreed. When I was come to sink I felt somthing wet and warm at my arm. The baby peed on me. I reached sink and I started to wash my arm. The woman apologised me. I was calm and I say "that's nothing"

    Dream #2
    I was in my home city, inside shopping mall. I saw that somebody is eating kebab and it made me hungry. I started to think if this is good idea because I want to lose my weight but after few moments I failed battle with my will so I decided to buy one. I can't decide if I prefer to buy something here or I preffer to buy 50cm long rollo kebab in my trusted place. I checked other client's order and the food looked fine so I ordered here.
    I got huge portion of french fries, two big hamburger's meat and solid portion of salad with tomato and paprika. It looked and smell really good. I think my vision here was in full HD because I was able to see black pepper powder and salt cristals on my salad. Saddly I didn't ate it because I woke up >:C

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