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    07-08.09.2023 Autumn Competition

    by , 09-08-2023 at 04:29 PM (116 Views)
    In this night I didn't remembered any dream. I mean I remembered one but I forgot it before I wrote entry in my DJ.


    This night I had problem with falling asleep. Sleep latency longer than 2h so in the morning I woke up tired. Because of that I was a little bit late to my work so I didn't write my dreams in the morning. I wrote entry in my DJ after lunch brake so my memory wasn't so fresh.

    DF #1
    I was on ship in undefined port. We made shifting (dragging vessel along to shore using only mooring lines)

    Dream #1
    It was porn dream so I will spare you spicy details. Action was only in sleeproom. It is hard to say if that was night (my dream sign) or day because I didn't saw any window. Light in the room was warm and not strong.

    Dream #2
    It was night and I was going somewhere (I don't remember where) with my parents via car. Action was near my home. My father wanted something from me. I don't remember what but it was something like order, command. I didn't want to do that and I started arguing with him. He told me if I dont do the thing I can leave the car and go to home. So this is what I done. I come back to my home. I saw my grandma. I started to packing my stuff to luggage.

    Also I almost remembered 4th dream but I didn't.

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