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    13-15.09 Comp

    by , 09-15-2023 at 07:19 PM (63 Views)

    DF #1
    I don't remember that dream. I know I was in orchad behind garages. It was probably middle of the day. Also I remember other memory but I'm not sur if it is the same dream or different. I was in shopping mall in my home city.

    DF #2
    I was in garden of my childhood home. It was winter night. I was with someone but I don't remember who person it was. I ask him for something (I dont remember for what) but he fled on his motorcycle. I was using my motorcycle to run after him but I slipped on snow. Because of that I decided to run on my legs. I jumped over my fence and run to property of my neighbor.

    Dream #1
    I was driving car near my university. It was middle of the day and the sky probably was grey. A person run into crosswalk and I made emergency car stop. Nothing bad happened. Another person in this time run into my car. Policeman come to me and she tried to give me a ticket. I explained her that the accident isn't my fault because person jumped on crosswalk. And the most important thing - nobody was hurt. The Policeman said if I don't want ot pay a ticket I need to take a letter from her and provide the letter to my uncle.
    The scenery was changed and I was near my home. I read what is inside the letter but I dont remember what content was inside. Also the letter was a little bit damaged.

    Dream #2 (I will write only tags. I have original full entry in my offline DJ )
    -Prepering for voyage
    -I lost 2 of my tooth
    -My dendist got alhaimer
    -Main action was in building of my university
    -Daytime: Night


    DF #1
    I was in my middle school on lesson but the subject was undefined. I was looking to friend of mine (she was a random generated person by my mind. I don't know her from real life). I wear VR google and I was cheking if she is doing fine. I don't remember what she did. She was writing something but I don't remember what.

    DF #2
    I was in undefined super market with my bossun. He come to me with blue shopping basket. The sky was sunny.

    DF #3
    I was trying to get into big wooden boat. The boat was old and lying onshore.

    DF #4
    I remind this dream during evening meditation. I remember only I was escaping from something. I was in dangerous. The dream was looped but every loop was a little bit different. On the end I was on egde of waterfall or cliff (I don't remember)

    Dream #1
    It was night. Friends of mine were sink for something. The sick wasn't defined by my dream but it was mortal. For some reason I had power to cure this sick. Also I can recognize who is sick because I was icon over heads. Additional every person had timer under the icon. The icon had purple color and had eye symbol inside circle. Only thing I need to do was keep my friends near to my for long time. But something wrong happened because on the end of dream I saw I also have icon with timer over my head. I waas very sad but I accepted my fate. I woke up before timer dropped to zero.

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