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    1. 26-27.07.18

      by , 07-30-2018 at 10:05 PM
      The first dream, as I remember today. I was traveling with my familly to sea. We found entrance to cave, and on the cave's end was exit to beach. The beach in the cave's exit looks pretty, the sky was almost cloudless, and on sand hang out small rocks, and growing plants. We are found a nice place in wall's recess, on the right side. I was satisfied because that place. I said, I want to live here xD
      The scenario was changing. I was in unknown building. As far as I can see I saw a tornado. A few moment later, the tornado changed course, to me. He destroy ground flor, include celing, so I can saw lower level in my floor. I was afraid, about my life. The tornado always back to me, when he was to far. On the end of my dream, the building was ruined. I survived, but I don't know, what would happen, when, the dream stay longer. Maybe I would die?

      I remembered other dream, but I don't had time do write that, so I write very simple descriptions. In second dream I had revolver for black gunpowder. I was in forest, but the police were incoming, so I hide my weapon. In next dream I just walked in town, without a goal. Nothing special.

      I thinked, I never recall that dream, but I reminded. That dream was very short, and simply. I saw lying Natsuki from DDLC. She was crying, as if to be somthing really bad. She was dressed in a white t-shirt and pink skirt. That was only dream what I remembered
    2. 25.07.18

      by , 07-26-2018 at 10:46 PM
      I sleep today to long. I want sleep 7h, but I wake up after 11. I remember some dreams, but this is only fragments. Also I don't remember dreams order.

      Drems 1
      I was going to bus stop. In fact I was going to second bus stop, but I don't remember a reason. Propably I was going to the bus stop, becouse I just want. I had thoughts about matura exam, so propably I was a high school graduate. I thinked about school lecture. A lot of cars drived past me, with turned off light, so I bring out my flashlight and blink to drivers. The sky was so gray, that the flashlight worked well

      Dream 2
      In second dream I remember only, I going to my friend from garden plot, on my bike. I was confused, because I didn't notice him house. Unfortunately, I didin't RC

      Dream 3
      In this dream I remember only some house. It was dark inside, but some lamps were turn on. I remember some interrogation in another, more darkness room.

      I'm sussing next dream, but I cannot call any memories about that.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Oneirobook

      by , 07-24-2018 at 10:44 PM
      A few days ago I was thinking about something like DJ, but not exactly. I mean... something all-in: Dreams, reflections, ideas etc. Just like blog. This will be hard to me, because my english is not perfect, but I hope, I will improve that lang soon - here, with your help Also I start today my "Oneirobook" in my original lang, on my small notebook, so I will first write my logs in the notebook, and after, I will translate that here (If I find some time).

      So... let's get started.

      My dream signs: darkness, death, suffering

      I don't remember well my todays dream. I was dreaming about I play in hide and seek, with my friends. I was not a child. My age was unknown, but probably I had 21 years, like nowadays. It was dark. I hide between thuyas in my garden, but I was dressed in white clothes. [I don't remember that part]. In next stage, I was hiding behind door. My sister found me pretty fast, so I took my pistol, and shoot her. I don't know if she survived that, or no (I shoot in her head), because the dream jump into other scenario.
      I was in game, like PFS, and I had still my gun. I was climbing on ramps, and killing enemies. Ramps were like levels in game. On the end of my dream, I had flamethrower, and I had 12% hp xD

      I wake uped at 6 a.m, but at 8 a.m I was sleepy, so I decided go to bed and try WILD. At the beginning I just lie on my bed, and just listen music. I cannot fall asleep, because I keep my attension on musics text. But, when I stopped that, then I took fast SP, and after hipnagogs. I was playing with my HH, when my dad called me. Im with difficulty wake up, and answer my dad. After this I go back to bed I took next SP very fast. I was try again playing with HH, but I again hear my parents call. I must put a lot of work to stop SP and wake up. When I wake up, then I heared my little cousin. Suddenly I wake up again. That was a FA! And the parents call was fake too! I was angry and come back to sleep again. And again I had SP pretty fast. And you know? My parent IRL exhort me one more time! xD I looked on my watch. It was at 10 a.m