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    1. 6 month plan - week 7

      by , 08-23-2023 at 04:16 PM
      Plan schedule is posted here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...proving-95975/
      With blue color I marked goals with "working in progress" status
      With green color I marked reached goals
      With red color I marked failed, missed or deleyed goals
      G2g - Goal-to-goal
      PoA - Point of Awarness
      PoA' - Corrected Point of Awarness
      (More about g2g and PoA here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...warness-96103/)

      I see my progress is slow. That's good because I belive the slow progress make long-term benefits. Also this project is my first time when I'm systematic with my dreaming hobby for so long time. That satisfy me.

      Dream Recalling
      Only one day without any remembered dream. Feelings in dreams are a little bit more complex and somtimes I think I'm close to get lucid dream only by self awarness. Also my ability to restoring forgotten dreams is higher.

      Week 7
      Avarage dream memory - 2 dreams per day
      Max dream memory - 5 dreams
      Min dream memory - 0 dreams

      Recalling at beginning: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Goal: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality
      Month 1: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Month 2: 1 at good quality and/or 1-3 at any quality
      Month 3: 1-2 at good quality and/or 2-4 at any quality
      Month 4: 2 at good quality and/or 3-5 at any quality
      Month 5: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-5 at any quality
      Month 6: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality

      Sometimes during meditation I'm so relaxed that I'm getting sleepy. Once or twice I got even halfdream during this 7 minutes of meditation (I'm meditate in seiza position)

      Goals: 2x20 minutes
      Month 1: 2x5 minutes
      Month 2: 2x7minutes
      Month 3: 2x10 minutes
      Month 4: 2x12 minutes
      Month 5: 2x15 minutes
      Month 6: 2x20 minutes

      Day awarness
      Nothing special to report

      Week 7
      Correction factor - 0.68
      Points of Awareness - 61.5 PoA per day

      Goal: Reach “very high awarness” level
      Month 1: “Non-zero” (> 0 PoA)
      Month 2: “Occasionally” (> 48 PoA and correction > 0.40)
      Month 3: “Low awarness” (> 144 PoA and corr. > 0.45)
      Month 4: “Moderate awarness” (> 240 PoA and corr. > 0.50)
      Month 5: “High awarness” (> 336 PoA and corr. > 0.55)
      Month 6: “Very high awarness” (> 432 PoA and corr. > 0.60)