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    1. 6 month plan - 1st LD and Week 8

      by , 08-26-2023 at 06:18 PM
      Plan schedule is posted here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...proving-95975/
      With blue color I marked goals with "working in progress" status
      With green color I marked reached goals
      With red color I marked failed, missed or deleyed goals
      G2g - Goal-to-goal
      PoA - Point of Awarness
      PoA' - Corrected Point of Awarness
      (More about g2g and PoA here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...warness-96103/)

      Lucid Dream
      This is my first Lucid Dream during the training.
      According to my schedule, after lunch at 12pm I went to meditate. I was meditating 7 minutes and after that I made 1h nap. When I went to bed I decided to meditate again - this time as a anchor. I was curious how long I can handle my awareness. I didn't fell asleep at all but still I got deep relax state and it was very nice so I stayed in my bed. After about 40 minutes I started to feel kinetic hipnagogs. I played with them because I very like to manipulate my body feelings. After few minutes I felt toilet urge so I just woke up and went to toilet. When I switched on light I asked myself - "I'm still dreaming, right?". I knew this because light didn't work and my vision was in poor quality. I woke up after this because I was too rested. I woke up very relaxed and in good mood.

      Dream Recalling
      Nothing special to report.

      Week 8
      Avarage dream memory - 2.8 dreams per day
      Max dream memory - 5 dreams
      Min dream memory - 2 dreams

      Recalling at beginning: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Goal: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality
      Month 1: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Month 2: 1 at good quality and/or 1-3 at any quality
      Month 3: 1-2 at good quality and/or 2-4 at any quality
      Month 4: 2 at good quality and/or 3-5 at any quality
      Month 5: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-5 at any quality
      Month 6: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality

      Nothing special to report.

      Goals: 2x20 minutes
      Month 1: 2x5 minutes
      Month 2: 2x7minutes
      Month 3: 2x10 minutes
      Month 4: 2x12 minutes
      Month 5: 2x15 minutes
      Month 6: 2x20 minutes

      Day awarness
      In this week I feel my awareness is much lower than usually so I made pause with PoA calculation. I was still trying to be aware but I didn't check time and I didn't care about effective I am.

      Goal: Reach “very high awarness” level
      Month 1: “Non-zero” (> 0 PoA)
      Month 2: “Occasionally” (> 48 PoA and correction > 0.40)
      Month 3: “Low awarness” (> 144 PoA and corr. > 0.45)
      Month 4: “Moderate awarness” (> 240 PoA and corr. > 0.50)
      Month 5: “High awarness” (> 336 PoA and corr. > 0.55)
      Month 6: “Very high awarness” (> 432 PoA and corr. > 0.60)