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    1. 6 Month Plan - Week 10

      by , 09-10-2023 at 07:24 PM
      Plan schedule is posted here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...proving-95975/
      With blue color I marked goals with "working in progress" status
      With green color I marked reached goals
      With red color I marked failed, missed or deleyed goals
      G2g - Goal-to-goal
      PoA - Point of Awarness
      PoA' - Corrected Point of Awarness
      (More about g2g and PoA here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...warness-96103/)

      In week 9 I had a lot of work to do and I had chaos in my working schedule. Ofc I didn't stopped practicing but I didn't make any notes. Also my dream memory and general awareness dropped in this time but it was temporary and in week 10 I made comeback.

      Dream Recalling
      Since I started my practice I had 5 dreams per night many times but I never had 6. I think 5 dreams in one regular night is my max capacity but I'm not 100% sure. 6 dream in one night is my end goal and I have plenty time to ensure myself

      Week 10
      Avarage dream memory - 2.6
      Max dream memory - 4
      Min dream memory - 0

      Recalling at beginning: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Goal: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality
      Month 1: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
      Month 2: 1 at good quality and/or 1-3 at any quality
      Month 3: 1-2 at good quality and/or 2-4 at any quality
      Month 4: 2 at good quality and/or 3-5 at any quality
      Month 5: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-5 at any quality
      Month 6: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality

      Right now it's not big deal but I think making 15 or 20 min meditation twice per day will be hard if not impossible. If this happen I will make one 10 minutes meditation and second 15/20 min. Also I think I will move first meditation from lunch time (12pm) to dinner time (5:30pm)

      Goals: 2x20 minutes
      Month 1: 2x5 minutes
      Month 2: 2x7minutes
      Month 3: 2x10 minutes
      Month 4: 2x12 minutes
      Month 5: 2x15 minutes
      Month 6: 2x20 minutes

      Day awarness
      I started to waking up 2-3 times per night by myself (without alarm clock). I hope this is good sign. Also this is great oportunity to check where I have REM phases. Additional I think, some of these waking up's were dreams. My feelings was changed and also once when I made screenshot of my smartfone screen it didn't save. Maybe I missclicked button on my phone, maybe it was dream.

      Other thing is - two weeks ago I noticed I make a little bit skew step on my left leg during walking. Now I pay more attention how my steps look and it reduced tension in my left knee and now my leg is less tired during working and joggin on treadmill

      Week 10
      Average PoA - 147
      Correction - 0.62

      Goal: Reach “very high awarness” level
      Month 1: “Non-zero” (> 0 PoA)
      Month 2: “Occasionally” (> 48 PoA and correction > 0.40)
      Month 3: “Low awarness” (> 144 PoA and corr. > 0.45)
      Month 4: “Moderate awarness” (> 240 PoA and corr. > 0.50)
      Month 5: “High awarness” (> 336 PoA and corr. > 0.55)
      Month 6: “Very high awarness” (> 432 PoA and corr. > 0.60)