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    1. 10-12.09 Autumn Compatition

      by , 09-12-2023 at 05:38 PM
      I remembered that day 3 or 4 dreams but I was to lazy to wrote them


      Dream #1
      I was near to my primary school. I dont know how old nor what grade I was. Unknown man asked me how to enter to the building. As a prank I showed him the longest way.
      Scenery of the dream changed. I was on first floor of the middle school section (because primary school and middle school was merged) but I don't remember what happened inside.
      The scenery changed again. I was on ship in cargo hold. Fighting competition was made.

      Dream #2
      I was on bulk carrier. I remember weird long corridor leading to forward of the superstructure. It took my attention and I was staring long time on this corridor. "It always was so long?" I asked myself. I went outside and I checked how the superstructure looks. "It looks pretty normal. Interesting" I told to myself. I went inside and I checked the corridor again and it was still so long. Next I went to upper deck and again I went outside. I was the corridor lead to cargo holds. Also on cargo holds I saw small crane on the starboard side. The crane was facing to aft direction. I saw every detail of that crane.

      In that day I remembered 2 dreams but first I forgot before I made tags and second one I remind in middle of the day.

      Dream #1
      I remember I was on the vessel. One able seman told me that I was moved to another cabin, near deck office. I was worried but curious in the same time because I heard the cabine is very bad for living because it is noisy inside.
      Fun fact - the vessel was real but that cabine don't exist in reality.