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    1. 09.09 Autumn Competition

      by , 09-09-2023 at 05:33 PM
      Dream #1
      I wake up on vessel. I was a for some reason a little bit confused but I don't know why. So I started walk around the vessel. It was probably early morning - it was still dark but light was getting brighter. I saw we have mooring operation. I was supriased that nobody called me to work and I felt a little bit guilty because of that. I ask one seaman why nobody called me and he told me "easy it's only bunker operation" (bunkering - it is when vessel is getting fuel or other technical liquids). But something was fishy for me. We was along shore. Literally we was in port so it must be mooring! I come down via stairs and I saw people preparing mooring lines. I joined to them but still I had feeling that something is wrong.

      Dream #2
      It was distopia future where every person is spyed by goverment. I knew that I'm from past but I didn't remembered how I got to future. I was in some sort of building. The interior looked like shopping mall and evething was super bright and white. I entered to tunnel with moving sidewalk. After few moment I passed gate with detector and police wanted to arrest me. What happen next - I don't know because I woke up.

      DF #1
      I was in weird school on weird lesson (it was more like exams) outside the building. I remember that somebody (maybe me?) broke window.

      LD #1
      After work I made nap but with WILD intention. I wanted to check how effective is my awareness training. I don't know when but I fell asleep but it was more like very very deep relax because when I woke up I didn't feel like I fell asleep. I thought "If I woke up by myself before alarm clock that mean I'm probably right before REM state. Let's check if I can enter to dream". And again I started WILD. I don't know when but I entered to dream but not with fully awareness.
      I was in my cabine but the cabin was different than my true cabine. I was checking pressured air valve and I felt air comming by air hose. Chief officer was in my cabine and I was waiting he leave me alone so I can focus on my LD. But before it happened I woke up.
      I tried to re-enter to dream. I was very close. I was hearing sound hipnagogs and I felt my heavy breathing and fast heartbeat (it is common for me when I'm entering to dream. I dont know if this is kinetic hipnagos or true feeling but I never was woken by this). I felt my bottom jaw is shifted because I was lying on my face. That shifting made tension on my teeth and it created discomfort. Probably it was hipnagog because when I woke up to change my posiotion it disapeared.