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    1. Winter Competition 2024 12-13.01

      by , 01-14-2024 at 02:21 AM
      This day I had 2 dream:

      DF #1
      I was playing in team fortress 2 but I don't remember what class I chosen. It was capture the flag mode. I sneak into enemy base and I saw that almost every player is playing as a soldier. I captured the flag but the flag looked like pink crystal bowl.

      NLD #1
      It was night, I was going back to home on my bicycle. I pased small river via bridge (but in real life the drainage ditch is in that place). Friend of mine (I don't know her in real life) called me so I stopped and looked around. I saw her swimming in the river. She come to me to say hello. An unknown person come to us and he started abuse her. I picked a fight with him so my friend can escape into block of flats. The man run after her and I run after him. I catch him on last floor so my friend can run away.
      We were out of bulding. I pick up my firend on my motorcycle (yea my dream replace my bicycle) so We can go to gas station and ask cashier to call the police. But it was a ambush! The cashier was with attacker!


      DF #1
      I was typing with my friend on discord.

      NLD #1
      I was on vessel inside my cabine. It was daytime, weather good (no rain, no wind, sea state normal etc). I looked via my porthole on deck and I saw that we are approaching to berth and 2-3 seafarers were preparing for maneuverings. I was suprised that nobody called me for the maneuvering but I just shrug my shoulder saying "If nobody called me that mean I'm unnesessery". But I saw that we are going very fast. Too fast for berth approaching... I was trying to keep myself calm but shore was more and more close... There is no other option - I need to get ready.
      I don't remember what happened after, but our vessel was moored. I was on deck talking with seafarers
      -What is going on? Where is my old crew? The ukrainian ones?
      -They were replaced. Cargo owner asked for only polish crew
      -All of them are going to home?
      -And what about me? I'm from old crew
      -You are staying onboard. You are polishman after all
      -Oh, Okay. And what cargo are we loadning?
      -Some laptops and PC
      -Entire bulk carrier for IT toys? Are you insane?
      -Not entire ship. We are transfering only 4 pieces
      -This is even more ridiculous!
      -Don't tell me. Cargo owner payed and we are in charter - He shrugged
      I checked the cargo, and I went to the city wondering how peacefully voyage we will have.

      DF #2
      In this dream I was on vessel on middle of paccific ocean. Daytime, good weather condition.