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    1. Spring comp 2024: 10.04

      by , 04-11-2024 at 01:21 PM
      NLD Fragment #1
      I don't remember much. I was playing Tibia. My character was in eastern undergrounds near to Thais city
      NLD #1
      I was in my old home. My father called me so I went to him. He said that I have a guest. It was my chief mate from my vessel (By the way - he is fictional and doesn't exist in real life). I explained my parents that he is my co-worker and we started to talk. I don't remember the details but something was weird to me. Sometimes he was talking in english sometimes in polish. When I payed more attention he started using only polish language. That was even more weird for me because he is not from poland. Also when I looked at him he was really tall - about 2 meters
      I was using my computer when I stand up to get some chocolate bar. I went to shelf in my room and I saw there is no my chocolate.
      -Did I ate it? I was sure I didn't... - I thought - Wait. What is that?
      I saw small plastic box with some old opened chocolates. It was weird because I cannot recognize them. I made RC and it was positive.
      -So this is a dream! Yes, now remember. I'm napping right now!
      I started to think what to do because I didn't prepare a plan. I reminded that I have meditation on my to do list so went to dayroom of mine. I sit on chair with crossed legs. The chair was comfy but somehow unnatural also I started to meditate but nothing happened.
      I felt that my dream soon will be end and few moments later I woke up...
      Or maybe not because I made another RC and I was still in LD. But not for long because alarm clock woke me up.
    2. Spring Comp 2024: 05.04

      by , 04-06-2024 at 01:58 PM
      NLD #1
      On the beginning I wasn't a character but more like spectator that can enter into NPC mind.
      A Uber driver got call from passanger. He was in convinience store in this time. He was buying 2 bottles of beer, when passanger called via telephone. He paid attention to not making sounds due to glass bottles - he wanted to keep in secret that he bought alcohol on his duty. He accepted order and went into his car. The car inside looked dirty and poor. The driver called to passanger to ask him where he prefer to sit during travel because he wish to know how to prepare car. But the true intention of this question was, he wish to know how to hind his beer.
      -Where do you prefer to sit? - He asked
      -I dunno. On behind I guess? It is possible? - the voice from phone answered.
      -Yea, sure. No problem I will prepere my car and I will come for you.
      The driver hide his beer on front passanger seat, and he departed. Now I spawned in his car car on back seat. I looked around, his car was just ugly and damaged
      -Are you don't cre about your car, are you? - I asked
      -Not at all. It is my first car and I have it many years. Now it is a tool. A work tool... - He answered
      Driver was driving really fast. He didn't slowed even on speed bump. I left his car near to my university and entered inside bulding.
      Me and friend of mine got chart with ours grades. The grades was good enough but on other side of the char I saw I have "2.0" (that mean "D grade" for US friends and "5.0" for germany friends ) and "1.0" ("F grade" for US and "6.0" for germany). That grades was for additional project made for other university. I just shrugged and went away. When I was passing corridor I saw a stall. They had big chocolet candy. Really big, almost like chocolet bar. I was curios what stall it is so I stopped, got one candy and started to read brochure. Young lady started to speking to me. She scared me because I didn't saw her before. She started talking about shooting club. I dont remember the details but she convinced me. I got pistol for free and I entered into classroom. At this moment on corridor I heard shoots. School shooting has started.
      NLD Fragment #1
      I was on undefined place. Pains and fields was on my surrundings. My father asked me to go to shop and buy some beer.
      -Today is sunday. Every shop is closed right now. All I can do is check the stadium - I speak to him, and pointed at stadium that was visible on our horizon - but be aware that price will be very high and there is not gwaranty that the stadium will be open anyway.
      -Hmmm... Okay never mind let's go to city.
      (The stadium was fictional by the way. Entire area also - all of this was creation of my mind there is no real place or place I can know from game or movie). We went into car and rive to city. After few minutes of riding we stopped somewhere to check route on map. On car mirror I saw some agressive villager is coming to us so we just run away.
      NLD Fragment #2
      I was in garden. Everything looked like mix of Minecraft and Vintage Story. On map I saw some resources to mine. When I looked around i saw entrance to cave. I was prepering my backpack when my friend came to me and started to arguing with me that I do nothing. I just smiled at him, and entered to the cave
      NLD Fragment #3
      This one I reminded right now. When I was writing about Fragment #2. But my memory about this dream is almost zero
      I was on ship moored in port. I don't know what type of vessel it was or what type of cargo terminal was around. I was on offshore side of vessel and I saw old wooden ship passing by. She had barge on her bow.
      -Wow she is pretty fast... for sure she broken local speed limitation. It's very risky. Also I cant belive she is so quiet
    3. Spring Comp 2024: 04.03

      by , 04-05-2024 at 05:31 PM
      NLD #1
      I went on walk to city. It was nice night. I passed some streets and went to oldtown of my home city. Looked around and saw a lot of people in white monk hoodie on entry to castle gate.
      -Maybe some festival we have? - I thought
      I turned left on next crossway and started searching for some pizza. It was late so it was understandable that a lot of pubs and other eating places was closed.
      -Somewhere here my favorite pizza supposed to be - I thought again
      But it wasn't. I reach end of street and look around and saw my place circa 20 meters away on my right.
      -Ah! here! I see now. But always it was there? I can bet it was closer.
      I went in that direction and saw few workers inside. I entered.
      -Excuse me. It is still open? - I asked
      -Yes it is, but soon we will close. How can we help you?
      -It is possible to order one pizza?
      -What kind?
      -Let's check... - I looked into menu and ordered one. But I cannot remind what pizza it was.
      -No problem. Estimate time for order 10 minutes
      -Thank you!
      One pizzaman left with his last delivery order. During waiting for pizza I started to talk with personnel about I don't remember the details. Waiting for pizza was prolonged. In this time the pizzaman went back to base.
      -Are your pizza still not ready? It took me 20 minutes to come back here. Are fine?
      -Yes I'm. It's not big problem for me - I smiled.
      Short after that my pizza come. It looked like big pie with orange-red topcoat. I cut slice of my pizza but when I wish to put that piece into my mouth I woke up

      NLD Fragment #1
      I was in my flat. It looked very small, dirty, poor- equipped and sad for some reason. I remember my grandfather. We were talking about something.
      NLD Fragment #2
      I was in dark place. I don't remember where. One person was in front of me. Probably friend of mine but I cannot confirm that. He showed me weird device.
      -It is small nuclear generator - He explained - Feel free to test it.
      -Emmm... Are you sure?
      -Yea! Just use a crank.
      I used the crank. It was very heavy to move. I saw like big undefined ball was closing to metal rod (btw I think that ball can be the "demon core"). Some noise appear the the ball come closer to the rod. I stopped and all mechanism come back to start position.
      -Don't be shy - person said
      I used crank again and the ball moved near to the rod. The rod starts to be red and probably hot. Some steam appeared.
      I had one more dream but alredy forgotten
    4. Spring comp 2024: 02.04

      by , 04-03-2024 at 10:52 PM
      NLD #1
      I was inside of dugout with 3 or 4 men. We were clearing our future shelter from old spoiled food and other garbage because we were preparing for war. In second room I picked up big glass jar with green water with old fermented cucumbers. It was a little bit heavy. I gave it to man who was helping us in clearing. Next I picked up big ceramic bowl also with water. The water started to move during transfering the bowl so I felt small odor.
      I woke up and I recognize that I was lying on wooden chest inside the dugout. I felt dizzy and my body didn't moved. "I'm dead?" I thought. I started to observe my surroundings without moving my body. Other men were continue clearing and they didn't paid attention at me. "No, I'm alive. So... I felt asleep? Why?". I stand up.
      I don't know where I was. I cannot recognize the area. I and other person are walking around. We were patrolling or searching for something. I found big hole that went deep inside ground. My partner used flashlight but the light was too weak
      -Wait, I have laser pointer. Let's check how deep it is - I said
      When I was trying to pick my laser I lunch flare by accident
      -Fuck! Okay we will use this! - I said and threw the flare inside the hole.
      The hole was very deep - 15 maybe 20 meters. It was full of spiderwebs and on the end we saw the tunnel is turing somewhere. Also it was enough space so one person can crawl inside. But there was no volunteer to crawl inside that spiderwebs...
    5. Spring comp 2024: Annex for day 01.04

      by , 04-02-2024 at 08:26 PM
      I recalled one dream!
      I was on board. The vessel was moored along quay.
      -FIRE! FIRE - I heard
      I looked on shore and saw small pile of biomass on fire. People near to fire did nothing so i got small fire extinguisher and ran to place of accident.
      -You and you! - I pointed with my finger on two persons - bring more extinguishers! NOW!
      I checked what type of extinguisher I have but symbols on the bottle was unable to understand for me.
      -Screw this! I just use it- I thought.
      I checked pressure level on manometer - it was optimal - and after aimed not on fire source, but very close and next I made test use.
      -Foam type... okay I need to aim directly to fire source.
      I started to fight with fire. The fire starts to disappear but very slowly. At this moment personel with additional extinguishers come.
      -Take it and advance from another direction - I ordered.
      When fire source become small and one person was enough I started to extinguish a wall. After finish we collected all gears and put on place. I start to talk witch chief mate about our work (I dont remember the details)
    6. Spring Comp 2024 : 29-01.04

      by , 04-02-2024 at 04:20 PM

      NLD #1
      Because I'm writing this dream after 4 days I have lack in my memory, but this dreams was fully remembered when fresh:
      I was on my way home. I don't remember where I was before and I belive that this information wasn't defined by my dream. It was pretty dark like middle of the night and I was waiting for a train. My waiting was prolonged so I went on walk just to kill time. When I come back I recognized I'm late. The train has gone. More important - my luggage disappeared! Someone took it! I was stressed but I remined that one old lady was on station and maybe she took it.
      [this part is missing]
      I was on my next station and I was looking for ma luggage but I cannot find it. So I come back to previous station. When I was on my way I was in germany town. I passed some small 2 or 3-flored buildings. The surroundings was very peacefully and empty. The sky was black with many small white dots. No clouds nor wind. When I come back I met with my sister and she helped me to find my luggage but we didn't

      [No dreams]

      NLD #1
      I was diving somewhere and I resurfed myself. I catched large piece of ice and looked on friend of mine. I push my phone to him. Ice was very slippy and my friend catched my phone with difficulty. He checked something and pushed back to me. Unfortunately he missed and my phone fell into water. "Maybe I will be faster" thought and I dived into water again. I was searching for my phone but without searchlight it was impossible! Sometimes I felt algae sometimes i felt stone wall. But I can't find my phone! Friend of mine start to navigate me with his voice "A little bit right! More... to much! go left" he said. At one moment I started to think "Why I even hear him? I'm underwater". But before I made RC my dream ended
      Also I had in this day one more dream but I cannot remind. Maybe later.

      I had 2 dreams but already forgotten :/