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    1. Spring comp 2024: 02.04

      by , 04-03-2024 at 10:52 PM
      NLD #1
      I was inside of dugout with 3 or 4 men. We were clearing our future shelter from old spoiled food and other garbage because we were preparing for war. In second room I picked up big glass jar with green water with old fermented cucumbers. It was a little bit heavy. I gave it to man who was helping us in clearing. Next I picked up big ceramic bowl also with water. The water started to move during transfering the bowl so I felt small odor.
      I woke up and I recognize that I was lying on wooden chest inside the dugout. I felt dizzy and my body didn't moved. "I'm dead?" I thought. I started to observe my surroundings without moving my body. Other men were continue clearing and they didn't paid attention at me. "No, I'm alive. So... I felt asleep? Why?". I stand up.
      I don't know where I was. I cannot recognize the area. I and other person are walking around. We were patrolling or searching for something. I found big hole that went deep inside ground. My partner used flashlight but the light was too weak
      -Wait, I have laser pointer. Let's check how deep it is - I said
      When I was trying to pick my laser I lunch flare by accident
      -Fuck! Okay we will use this! - I said and threw the flare inside the hole.
      The hole was very deep - 15 maybe 20 meters. It was full of spiderwebs and on the end we saw the tunnel is turing somewhere. Also it was enough space so one person can crawl inside. But there was no volunteer to crawl inside that spiderwebs...