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    by , 07-26-2018 at 10:46 PM (315 Views)
    I sleep today to long. I want sleep 7h, but I wake up after 11. I remember some dreams, but this is only fragments. Also I don't remember dreams order.

    Drems 1
    I was going to bus stop. In fact I was going to second bus stop, but I don't remember a reason. Propably I was going to the bus stop, becouse I just want. I had thoughts about matura exam, so propably I was a high school graduate. I thinked about school lecture. A lot of cars drived past me, with turned off light, so I bring out my flashlight and blink to drivers. The sky was so gray, that the flashlight worked well

    Dream 2
    In second dream I remember only, I going to my friend from garden plot, on my bike. I was confused, because I didn't notice him house. Unfortunately, I didin't RC

    Dream 3
    In this dream I remember only some house. It was dark inside, but some lamps were turn on. I remember some interrogation in another, more darkness room.

    I'm sussing next dream, but I cannot call any memories about that.

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