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    Plan for skills improving

    by , 06-29-2023 at 10:32 PM (474 Views)
    04.07.23 I'm going on vessel to work so I prepared plan how I wish to improve my skills. Because of inregular sleep schedule I decided to focus on side skills instead of techniques. That include:
    -Dream recall
    -ADA and general walking awarness
    -Last and first thought recall
    -First awarness after waking up

    I will try to write down weekly report in DJ. It's depend of my internet connection but I think this will be not big problem. Also i'm open minded so if you have some advice go ahead

    Dream recalling
    I will full describe one dream and rest of dreams will be write down via tags. I will write down dreams 5 times in week to prevent myselft from burnout and colidation with my duties.

    Recalling at beginning: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
    Goal: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality
    Month 1: 0-1 at good quality and/or 0-3 at any quality
    Month 2: 1 at good quality and/or 1-3 at any quality
    Month 3: 1-2 at good quality and/or 2-4 at any quality
    Month 4: 2 at good quality and/or 3-5 at any quality
    Month 5: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-5 at any quality
    Month 6: 2-3 at good quality and/or 4-6 at any quality

    Score is calculating via arithmetic mean in week period.

    I will meditate twice per day - after lunch and before sleeping. I will meditate 5 days in week. Reason is the same like in Dream Recalling section

    Goals: 2x20 minutes
    Month 1: 2x5 minutes
    Month 2: 2x7minutes
    Month 3: 2x10 minutes
    Month 4: 2x12 minutes
    Month 5: 2x15 minutes
    Month 6: 2x20 minutes

    ADA and general day awarness
    I will try to be aware as much as possible. Because I can be aware independently from my activites so there is no excuses and I will practice ADA everyday.
    My dreamsign is night (or darkness) so also I relate my “Hukif’s Hook” with awarness of daytime.

    Goal: Reach “very high awarness” level
    Month 1: “Non-zero” (awarnes uptime > 0% of waking time)
    Month 2: “Occasionally” (awarness uptime 5-15%)
    Month 3: “Low awarness” (awarness uptime 15-25%)
    Month 4: “Moderate awarness” (awarness uptime 25-35%)
    Month 5: “High awarness” (awarness uptime 35-45%)
    Month 6: “Very high awarness” (uptime 45-60%)

    Of course this will be very subjectively. I have no device to meansure my awarness level

    Last and first thought recall
    This is my experimental exercise. It is working in the same way like dream recalling but instead of dream I will force mayself to recalling last remembered moment before falling asleep and first moment after waking up. The goal of this exercise is observe border in memory between reality and dream.

    Because this is experimental and non-offical exercise I have no goals.

    First awarness after waking up
    Goal of this exercise is decreasing time what I need to aware myself after waking up.

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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Looks like a solid plan - good luck!
    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Also - what is "Hukif’s Hook"? I can't seem to find that term anywhere. Assuming it is a technique Hukif came up with?
      Iluzjusz likes this.
    3. Iluzjusz's Avatar
      Probably it is unofficial term. I based on this tutorial https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...qbaJatD6Y/edit (check "hook" section) and this is more general term for Hukif Gravity RC
    4. theshirecat's Avatar
      Oh I see. It is sort of like a dream sign. Thanks!