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    Spring Comp 2024: 04.03

    by , 04-05-2024 at 05:31 PM (62 Views)
    NLD #1
    I went on walk to city. It was nice night. I passed some streets and went to oldtown of my home city. Looked around and saw a lot of people in white monk hoodie on entry to castle gate.
    -Maybe some festival we have? - I thought
    I turned left on next crossway and started searching for some pizza. It was late so it was understandable that a lot of pubs and other eating places was closed.
    -Somewhere here my favorite pizza supposed to be - I thought again
    But it wasn't. I reach end of street and look around and saw my place circa 20 meters away on my right.
    -Ah! here! I see now. But always it was there? I can bet it was closer.
    I went in that direction and saw few workers inside. I entered.
    -Excuse me. It is still open? - I asked
    -Yes it is, but soon we will close. How can we help you?
    -It is possible to order one pizza?
    -What kind?
    -Let's check... - I looked into menu and ordered one. But I cannot remind what pizza it was.
    -No problem. Estimate time for order 10 minutes
    -Thank you!
    One pizzaman left with his last delivery order. During waiting for pizza I started to talk with personnel about I don't remember the details. Waiting for pizza was prolonged. In this time the pizzaman went back to base.
    -Are your pizza still not ready? It took me 20 minutes to come back here. Are fine?
    -Yes I'm. It's not big problem for me - I smiled.
    Short after that my pizza come. It looked like big pie with orange-red topcoat. I cut slice of my pizza but when I wish to put that piece into my mouth I woke up

    NLD Fragment #1
    I was in my flat. It looked very small, dirty, poor- equipped and sad for some reason. I remember my grandfather. We were talking about something.
    NLD Fragment #2
    I was in dark place. I don't remember where. One person was in front of me. Probably friend of mine but I cannot confirm that. He showed me weird device.
    -It is small nuclear generator - He explained - Feel free to test it.
    -Emmm... Are you sure?
    -Yea! Just use a crank.
    I used the crank. It was very heavy to move. I saw like big undefined ball was closing to metal rod (btw I think that ball can be the "demon core"). Some noise appear the the ball come closer to the rod. I stopped and all mechanism come back to start position.
    -Don't be shy - person said
    I used crank again and the ball moved near to the rod. The rod starts to be red and probably hot. Some steam appeared.
    I had one more dream but alredy forgotten

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