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    Spring Comp 2024: 05.04

    by , 04-06-2024 at 01:58 PM (57 Views)
    NLD #1
    On the beginning I wasn't a character but more like spectator that can enter into NPC mind.
    A Uber driver got call from passanger. He was in convinience store in this time. He was buying 2 bottles of beer, when passanger called via telephone. He paid attention to not making sounds due to glass bottles - he wanted to keep in secret that he bought alcohol on his duty. He accepted order and went into his car. The car inside looked dirty and poor. The driver called to passanger to ask him where he prefer to sit during travel because he wish to know how to prepare car. But the true intention of this question was, he wish to know how to hind his beer.
    -Where do you prefer to sit? - He asked
    -I dunno. On behind I guess? It is possible? - the voice from phone answered.
    -Yea, sure. No problem I will prepere my car and I will come for you.
    The driver hide his beer on front passanger seat, and he departed. Now I spawned in his car car on back seat. I looked around, his car was just ugly and damaged
    -Are you don't cre about your car, are you? - I asked
    -Not at all. It is my first car and I have it many years. Now it is a tool. A work tool... - He answered
    Driver was driving really fast. He didn't slowed even on speed bump. I left his car near to my university and entered inside bulding.
    Me and friend of mine got chart with ours grades. The grades was good enough but on other side of the char I saw I have "2.0" (that mean "D grade" for US friends and "5.0" for germany friends ) and "1.0" ("F grade" for US and "6.0" for germany). That grades was for additional project made for other university. I just shrugged and went away. When I was passing corridor I saw a stall. They had big chocolet candy. Really big, almost like chocolet bar. I was curios what stall it is so I stopped, got one candy and started to read brochure. Young lady started to speking to me. She scared me because I didn't saw her before. She started talking about shooting club. I dont remember the details but she convinced me. I got pistol for free and I entered into classroom. At this moment on corridor I heard shoots. School shooting has started.
    NLD Fragment #1
    I was on undefined place. Pains and fields was on my surrundings. My father asked me to go to shop and buy some beer.
    -Today is sunday. Every shop is closed right now. All I can do is check the stadium - I speak to him, and pointed at stadium that was visible on our horizon - but be aware that price will be very high and there is not gwaranty that the stadium will be open anyway.
    -Hmmm... Okay never mind let's go to city.
    (The stadium was fictional by the way. Entire area also - all of this was creation of my mind there is no real place or place I can know from game or movie). We went into car and rive to city. After few minutes of riding we stopped somewhere to check route on map. On car mirror I saw some agressive villager is coming to us so we just run away.
    NLD Fragment #2
    I was in garden. Everything looked like mix of Minecraft and Vintage Story. On map I saw some resources to mine. When I looked around i saw entrance to cave. I was prepering my backpack when my friend came to me and started to arguing with me that I do nothing. I just smiled at him, and entered to the cave
    NLD Fragment #3
    This one I reminded right now. When I was writing about Fragment #2. But my memory about this dream is almost zero
    I was on ship moored in port. I don't know what type of vessel it was or what type of cargo terminal was around. I was on offshore side of vessel and I saw old wooden ship passing by. She had barge on her bow.
    -Wow she is pretty fast... for sure she broken local speed limitation. It's very risky. Also I cant belive she is so quiet

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