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    Spring comp 2024: 10.04

    by , 04-11-2024 at 01:21 PM (39 Views)
    NLD Fragment #1
    I don't remember much. I was playing Tibia. My character was in eastern undergrounds near to Thais city
    NLD #1
    I was in my old home. My father called me so I went to him. He said that I have a guest. It was my chief mate from my vessel (By the way - he is fictional and doesn't exist in real life). I explained my parents that he is my co-worker and we started to talk. I don't remember the details but something was weird to me. Sometimes he was talking in english sometimes in polish. When I payed more attention he started using only polish language. That was even more weird for me because he is not from poland. Also when I looked at him he was really tall - about 2 meters
    I was using my computer when I stand up to get some chocolate bar. I went to shelf in my room and I saw there is no my chocolate.
    -Did I ate it? I was sure I didn't... - I thought - Wait. What is that?
    I saw small plastic box with some old opened chocolates. It was weird because I cannot recognize them. I made RC and it was positive.
    -So this is a dream! Yes, now remember. I'm napping right now!
    I started to think what to do because I didn't prepare a plan. I reminded that I have meditation on my to do list so went to dayroom of mine. I sit on chair with crossed legs. The chair was comfy but somehow unnatural also I started to meditate but nothing happened.
    I felt that my dream soon will be end and few moments later I woke up...
    Or maybe not because I made another RC and I was still in LD. But not for long because alarm clock woke me up.

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