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    Spring comp 2024: Annex for day 01.04

    by , 04-02-2024 at 08:26 PM (40 Views)
    I recalled one dream!
    I was on board. The vessel was moored along quay.
    -FIRE! FIRE - I heard
    I looked on shore and saw small pile of biomass on fire. People near to fire did nothing so i got small fire extinguisher and ran to place of accident.
    -You and you! - I pointed with my finger on two persons - bring more extinguishers! NOW!
    I checked what type of extinguisher I have but symbols on the bottle was unable to understand for me.
    -Screw this! I just use it- I thought.
    I checked pressure level on manometer - it was optimal - and after aimed not on fire source, but very close and next I made test use.
    -Foam type... okay I need to aim directly to fire source.
    I started to fight with fire. The fire starts to disappear but very slowly. At this moment personel with additional extinguishers come.
    -Take it and advance from another direction - I ordered.
    When fire source become small and one person was enough I started to extinguish a wall. After finish we collected all gears and put on place. I start to talk witch chief mate about our work (I dont remember the details)
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