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    Summer Competition 2023 05.06.23

    by , 06-06-2023 at 10:48 AM (105 Views)
    Today I remembered 1 dream in good quality. Sadly my planned wbtb (and remaining 2h of my sleep) was interrupted by my parent.

    Dream #1
    I don't remember the beginning of dream. I was riding on my bicycle near my allotment garden. It was middle of day, probably spring or summer. Good weather, sky almost clear. I stopped on main road side but I don't remember why. I know I was thinking about something. Next I continued my bike trip and after 200-300m I turned right on the nearest road cross. In my real life there is rails and train station but this time I passed car park first. Some damaged or destroyed bikes grabbed my attention, one of them - blue roadbike - had missing rear wheel. I started to think why people are leaving bikes here (and I think this is point where I was near to get LD) but I ignore the bikes. Next I reach the train station. I passed railway and I saw trashed bike wheel in bush. I came to this wheel and I took a look. "The gear is damaged but entire wheel is in good condition. I will take it and repair in home". At this point I reminded that blue bike with missing wheel. I was sure this wheel was from that bike. "I will take bike as well. It will be easy to repair"
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