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    1. Oneirobook

      by , 07-24-2018 at 10:44 PM
      A few days ago I was thinking about something like DJ, but not exactly. I mean... something all-in: Dreams, reflections, ideas etc. Just like blog. This will be hard to me, because my english is not perfect, but I hope, I will improve that lang soon - here, with your help Also I start today my "Oneirobook" in my original lang, on my small notebook, so I will first write my logs in the notebook, and after, I will translate that here (If I find some time).

      So... let's get started.

      My dream signs: darkness, death, suffering

      I don't remember well my todays dream. I was dreaming about I play in hide and seek, with my friends. I was not a child. My age was unknown, but probably I had 21 years, like nowadays. It was dark. I hide between thuyas in my garden, but I was dressed in white clothes. [I don't remember that part]. In next stage, I was hiding behind door. My sister found me pretty fast, so I took my pistol, and shoot her. I don't know if she survived that, or no (I shoot in her head), because the dream jump into other scenario.
      I was in game, like PFS, and I had still my gun. I was climbing on ramps, and killing enemies. Ramps were like levels in game. On the end of my dream, I had flamethrower, and I had 12% hp xD

      I wake uped at 6 a.m, but at 8 a.m I was sleepy, so I decided go to bed and try WILD. At the beginning I just lie on my bed, and just listen music. I cannot fall asleep, because I keep my attension on musics text. But, when I stopped that, then I took fast SP, and after hipnagogs. I was playing with my HH, when my dad called me. Im with difficulty wake up, and answer my dad. After this I go back to bed I took next SP very fast. I was try again playing with HH, but I again hear my parents call. I must put a lot of work to stop SP and wake up. When I wake up, then I heared my little cousin. Suddenly I wake up again. That was a FA! And the parents call was fake too! I was angry and come back to sleep again. And again I had SP pretty fast. And you know? My parent IRL exhort me one more time! xD I looked on my watch. It was at 10 a.m