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    Winter Competition 2024 16.01

    by , 01-17-2024 at 02:04 AM (60 Views)
    Today I memoriased 4-5 dreams but almost all was forgotten few moments after wake up :/

    DF #1
    I was in bulding of my university. Unknown time. I went inside elevator with some students. When door closed one student ask me that I have something on my uniform. First I saw that I have big black back in my hands. After fast inspection I recognized the bag as a bodybag. I smell intence odor and I saw some alsmot transparent liquid was dripping from the bag on my uniform. The bag slipped from my hands on floor. Via plastic I saw woman face but I was unable to recognize who she is. I gentle open that bag. Odor was more intence. Also I saw some body part but I don't remember what exacly part. Probably amputated hand. I woke up (propably end of REM phase).

    DF #2
    I was somewhere in shopping mall but I cannot summon any memories about that place. Probably my local shop mall.

    DF #3
    I was in my home. I was waiting for something but I cannot remind for what. It was morning and via window I saw that a uknown man is aproaching to me. I live on ground floor so it scared me that someone is aproaching to my window. When the person climbed on my balcony I recognized his face - it was my co-worker from old work. He asked me about something but I don't remember.

    DF #4
    Friend of mine was using somehere PC. I don't remember what place or time it was.

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