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    LD 8th Night of Comp.

    by , 08-26-2015 at 01:58 PM (240 Views)
    -Long NLD about preparing to run from a tornado which eventually gets me lucid as I'm standing outside. Like my previous tornado dreams, I've been left behind as I try to gather things. I do a nose RC as usual and look around to see that the storm is gone but the sky is a flat grey. I think hard about tasks and points and finally think that I want to eat a moon rock, but then I immediately remember I want to summon someone first. So I turn around with a joyous feeling, expecting C to be there, and he is, standing down on the ground looking up at me (I automatically float when lucid most of the time). I happily call him up and he floats to me and we fly off together. He seems weird though and I look over and he's a weird-looking toilet brush in my hand. I just drop it and let it fall to the ground, sadly not thinking of the new Challenge task. My awareness fades pretty quick after that, I need to remember to stabilize..

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    Tags: competition