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    LDs 11th? Night of Comp.

    by , 08-29-2015 at 02:43 PM (482 Views)
    Got to bed really late and had no hope of getting lucid, but somehow it worked out! Woke up several times and the last bit was lucid!

    -WILD into my livingroom, feeling very prickly. I feel like all my hair is standing on end and really hard, like plastic. In some spots the hairs feel like plastic hooks like on velcro. Sounds are really loud and clear and things feel freaky. I push through this and float out the front door before immediately thinking of the moon rock eating task. I zip back inside the open door and down a hallway. I hear my daughter whining and getting closer quickly. I reach a table at a corner of the hall and it has a bowl of rocks on it, among other junk. I look through the bowl and find a grey rock filled with holes which I KNOW is a moon rock. It feels really hard and I'm hesitant to bite it, but I do so carefully. It hurts my teeth a lot but finally breaks in half. I try to chew the half in my mouth but it won't break up anymore. It tastes like salt and minerals. I finally just swallow it like a pill. When I turn around, my daughter has crawled around the corner and is watching me. I grab her and phase out of the house through the window. I figure she's gonna follow me anyway and I might as well take her with me. This turns into a long non-lucid about live action D&D in my grandma's old back yard, very fun.

    -DEILD back in (an actual chain! It's been so long! ) to my living room and Lk is there walking around. It feels odd and very real and I'm not QUITE sure I'm dreaming so I do an RC and sure enough I am. Lk has some kind of problem going on or some kind a question he needs answered and we both know that H can answer it. I tell Lk this and he agrees. I figure H is coming over, but Lk just sits down and gets on the phone with him. I refuse to give up on H coming here, so I decide to help it along with my expectation powers. I think to myself that they're just talking on the phone while he drives this way. I walk towards the door that leads to the car port and I see headlights pull up into it. I walk out and H is in the driver's seat of a big, nice SUV which I think is white. He gets out and I move stuff out of his way so he can get to the door. As he goes in I stay really close to him and put off an intimate vibe and he leans down and kisses me on the forehead... I'll take it lol. This devolves into a NLD where we all try to figure out the problem or whatever it was.

    I'm gonna count that kiss persuasion as mind control because I didn't use any language or signals etc.
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    Tags: competition, totm
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Yay im happy for you having a lucid!
      Nice you could do the totm and even chain your lucids.

      in the last two weeks i found out how powerfull expectation/intention is. you just need to want someone to come by the next corner for example and it just works^^ i had to smile so often because its so ridiculous. "hey i know behind me are my glasses because i lost them there" you think and even though you know you just trick yourself you turn around and wow there are my glasses xD

      nice stack of points btw with the moonrock eating thing
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    2. Patience108's Avatar
      I love the expectation thing too it's grrrreat!
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    3. imazu's Avatar
      Yes! Expectation is the best!
      Glad you're doing so well, too RelaxAndDream!!
      Go Bears!!!

      nice stack of points btw with the moonrock eating thing
      Hehe, thanks
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