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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Anime and Super Dream Control

      by , 12-28-2013 at 03:52 AM
      I was in an Anime travelling via train with my family somewhere and while travelling, trying to get to speak to this girl named Harriet. Coming out of the train, my sister bumped into a young girl. Her dad was also supposedly coming to the same building whire we were going. I called out to Harriet who was talking to another boy. The man beside teased me about losing her to an idiot.
      I then heard my dad's voice. i was close to getting up, I didnt know that. I didnt know I was dreaming. I didnt want Dad to see this dream (he doesnt believe in watching anime), so I zoomed out of my dream, such that I was seeing the anime on the computer, with my dad standing behind me. I then created 2 walls behind me and transported myself into a forest clearing while I caught a tablet which had the second dream going on. Once I figured out what ti htat done, i woke up.

      The whole time i wasnt lucid as I didnt even know it was a dream.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 39 Clues and False Awakening

      by , 12-27-2013 at 03:23 AM
      Escaping from some guys trying to catch me and my friends.

      False awakening angry that the deild alarm didnt work. Read the time and found that AM and PM were interchanged.
      non-lucid , false awakening