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    1. Breaking a dry spell with a failed hovering

      by , 04-01-2012 at 05:54 AM
      So, I had my first lucid in over a year on my second DV anniversary! Excellent timing, brain!

      I remember looking at my hand. I counted it over twice. On the first time, I had six fingers. The second, my fingers had weird 'half fingers" in between them. Very obvious signs of a dream!

      In a very poor attempt to stabilize and increase the vividity of my dream, I felt the texture of my mother's laptop in front of me. This didn't actually do anything to help that. I should have just looked around carefully and taken in my surroundings.

      At this point, I get up from where I was sitting and decide to try and hover. I get up from the couch in m living room and start to jump as hard as possible. I was trying to jump to a degree that would make me "stick" in the air and hover like that. It didn't work AT ALL.

      I woke up at this point.